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How to Bring Satisfactory Change in Your Look if you are Unsatisfied with it?

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Improve Your Look by Adopting Very Easy Ideas:

00 ideas how to improve your look if u are not satisfied with your look

We know the fact that in this world every person is totally different from the other person. The dissimilarities may exists into their looks, into their physical appearance, into their habit, into the way of talking, skin tone, facial features, height, weight, body shape & so on. On this base of this fact we can say that people are categorized in beautiful, less beautiful, average, attractive, unattractive & so on. So, some are satisfied with their looks (of course these people belong from the category of beautiful people) & some people are not satisfied with their look (these belong from unattractive, less beautiful & un-charming category of people). Today, my topic is discussion is all about the second type of people I mean those who are not satisfied with their looks. Today, I am going to tell some very easy tips to tips. If you will act upon on these tips then I am sure you will feel quite better & satisfied. Let’s starts!

1)    First step that you have to take is to keep yourself clean. For this purpose you need to take shower daily of after two days, wash your hair regularly, keep your face dirt free, moisturize your face, brush your teeth, keep your hands & feet soft, take care of yours nails & so on. Don’t odor bad. Use good body perfumes.
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2)    Try to get rid from the unwanted hair from your face, hands, arms, legs etc. especially, if you want to wear short clothes such as a sleeveless or half sleeved dress or a knee length skirt then try to remove the hair from arms & legs. Similarly, men should also get rid from unwanted monkey style hairs. But some women never like a men who remove all hair from their body. So, remove hair as much required.
3)    Pay attention towards the hair cut according to your face shape. A good hair cut & hairstyle plays a vital role in order to make your look impressive. Try to add hair spray, hair gel, curler, straightening machine, hair accessories etc into your hair related accessory collection. So that you can bring a positive change in your look by playing with your hairs. You also need to learn how you can make different hairstyle. For this purpose you can read our other hairstyle related articles.
4)    Dressing style can bring a very positive & impressive change into your look. So, improve your dressing style. Be a creative person. Follow the latest trend but always wear those clothes in which you feel comfortable, that accentuate your physical body shape, that suit your personality as well. Don’t ignore the power of footwear & jewelry. Use fashion accessories such as handbags, hats, mufflers, jackets etc. Learn about fashion & styling by reading other styling related articles from this website.
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5)    For improving your look a little bit make up is also necessary. But done make up only when you want to go outside. A simple & natural look is preferable. So, you need get a without makeup look by using make-up but only in a very little quantity. Use SPF foundation that goes best with your skin. It will protect skin from UV rays & also improves your skin tone. Apply blush on & natural lip color lipstick. Use waterproof mascara. Highlight your eyebrows while men can also apply SPF, they can use lip gloss for getting rid from rough lips. They can improve the shape of their eyebrows if required.
6)    Try to exercise in morning or evening so that you can keep your figure fit. You can follow walking, running, jogging, squats, push up like exercises.
7)    Always keep my one point intro your mind that there is always something appreciable about you whether inside you & outside. So, for knowing it you can list your best outside features & inside qualities. For example if you have a good body shape but you facial features are not attractive so I think you should be appreciate your body shape & you should be proud on it. Sometime you never look beautiful from outside but your inner qualities make you an impressive personality into the crowd. So think on these lines.
8)    A change into your sitting & standing posture makes your personality impressive without knowing whether you are beautiful or not. So bring a change into your sitting & standing posture. Sit & stand actively & straightly. Your active posture of sitting & standing will surely impress others.
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9)    Try to recognize the bad things about your personality & try to improve these points.
10)    You should be confident by identify the source of the lack of confidence in you. Keep in mind that no man & woman is perfect on this earth. Some have more positive points & less negative, while some have more negative points & less positive. What you need to do is to improve your positivity & reduce the negativity.
11)    Love yourself & your looks, see towards those people who have no eyesight, who are disable & say thank to God that you are a complete person with no physical disability.
12)    Smile! Smile! Smile! It is the key to look beautiful, cute & attractive because I think every person in this world has a specific but beautiful smile. Be gentle in your behavior, talk friendly, meet with firm shake hand & a warm smile on face.
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13)    Try to choose your friends very carefully & wisely. Choose those who never taunt you on your look but encourage you.
14)    If someone say something good about you then don’t hesitate & receive the compliment.
15)    Have a good & balanced & diet.

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