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Way to Make Vegetables Sandwiches for Your Kids:

Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids (4)

Every woman loves to eating & baking newly creative the food items. Kids are very irritating from their daily routine boring lunch boxes. They want to eat some colorful & yup food that full of delicious & also full of all nutritious. If you are a mom & worried about your kids that they daily bring back their full lunch boxes from school then here we have a simply vegetable sandwich recipe for you. These vegetable sandwiches are making within 10 minutes & also very yup to eat so, follow these following instruction& method to bake this.

Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids (1)
1.    Bread: 4 pieces
2.    Tomato: 6 tomato slices
3.    Cucumber: 8 slices
4.    Capsicum: half cutting in pieces
5.    Cabbage: 4 leaves of cabbage
6.    Potato: 1 cutting in slices
7.    Mint leaves: 4 0r 5 branches
8.    Carrot: half carrot in slices
9.    Red chili sauce: 1 tablespoon
10.    Soya sauce: small tablespoon
11.    Black pepper: required to your fill
12.    Oil: 2 tablespoon
13.    Ketchup: 2 tablespoon
14.    Butter cheese: 2 slices

1.    First of all put a grilled fry pan & turn on a medium temperature & also put the oil for fry. Now put one by one the slices of potato, cucumber, capsicum, tomato & carrots very well as they are bake.
2.    Now you take the bread slices & also bake them slightly on the grilled fry pan as they should be little golden brown.
3.    The next step is to take a plate & first of all put the butter cheese slice on one bread piece & put the 4 potato grilled slices on it, then put some chili sauce on it then one by one add the cucumber, tomato, capsicum & at the end added the soya sauce & cabbage leaves. Now put bread slices to cover the sandwich. & vegetable sandwich is ready.
4.    You can add some other vegetables also & serve these vegetable sandwiches with ketchup. This will become your favorite sandwich.

Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids (2) Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids (3) Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids (4) Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids (5) Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids (6) Vegetables Sandwich Recipes for kids


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