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Strategies To Make Your Child Eat Fruits

fruit creation for kids (15)

Many parents found complaining that their children do not eat certain things that are good and must for their health. After a time it becomes almost impossible for them to make their child convince to eat healthy and good food. Before reaching to such stage it is important to make them habitual of eating all healthy foods.

Fruits are must for their nutrition and lack of certain elements that can only be found by fruits can effect your child body build up and health. For making your child attracted to fruits you can make the presentation attractive and captivating. Here some ideas are shown to make your child ready to eat fruits:

Make Fruit tree with different fruits:

1. fruit creation for kids (7)

Your child will himself ask you to make ready this fruit dish again and again. Cut bananas in slices and align them on the plate giving the shape of tree. Put orange slices beneath the banana tree and keep kiwi slices above it. Your child will feel very happy looking at this image if he is acknowledged with the shape of tree.

Give Scorpio shape to apples:

2. fruit creation for kids (17)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You would definitely desire to insist your child to eat apple. This way of cutting the apple in slices and then putting half apple in middle and the slices around, you can give it the shape of Scorpio. Your child will like to be brave enough to eat the Scorpio at once. Cutting the apple in the form of animal your child love to watch will inspire him to get attracted toward the fruits you want him to eat.

Water melon in star like shape:

3. fruit creation for kids (3)

You can temp your child to eat water melon by cutting it indifferent shapes. Take a cutter in the shape of star and putting that on water melon make different slices in the shape of star.  Take a stick first pick the star shape water melon and then also keep black cherries in it. With this decoration the child himself will ask you to give him this stick to eat at once.

Different fruits on small trains:

4.fruit creation for kids (4)

These small trains are looking full of attraction and temptation. These small things can bring light and colors to your child life. He will feel very happy and special. Make small trains with the help of a vegetable that would be in the form of stick as in hen etc.

You can cut the hen in small size and then give them shape of train. Then place fruits like grapes, slice of apple and slice of kiwi on the train and ask your child to eat these fruits lying on the train.




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