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Safe and Easy way to Dice and Chop an Onion

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Cooking is the daily task of a woman and when it talks to onion it is the main ingredient in making dishes. For some girls the cutting of onion is as like as to participate in a war where, fight or die loll! Seriously if you are new in kitchen you find it tough to cut out onions in a right way. Well it is very easy to sound how to cut an onion, means simple to cut with knife but a fine cutting is not only about taking knife and do it away but there is a specific method of chopping and dice onions. Mostly women do mistakes of cutting it horizontally that are just wrong, wrong and wrong. It’s common to find the natural layers of onion so why should we go wrong to get harm to fingers with knife putting it against to the side. Avoid this way of chopping onions. Well perfect cutting leads you to the same size of diced onions which not become a trouble in getting brown equally while if you cut it into different sizes then surely there would be a panic because small pieces get brown earlier than long. Well I would tell you about cutting of onion in a right way.
?    First cut the onion into two pieces without cutting anything.

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?    Now cut out the hairy root side of onion.
?    Peel off the upper layers of onion but don’t cut the stem side as it will help you to keep balance onion in a good shape.

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?    Make cuts vertically from one side longer to another and keep a distance according to your need what type of chops and dice you need.
?    Shape your hand in the bent fingers that may keep the onion in a well shape.
?    Start cutting the onion and prolong it until the knife reach to the place ½ inches behind.
?    This is the best way to dice and chop onion like a pro.
?    Your speed will depend upon the practice.
If you have problem of tears in cutting onion then place the onions in freezer for 15-20 minutes right before cutting. I hope this method will work for you and you catch a fast speed of cutting many onions in some time.
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