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Top 10 Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

0. how to treat dark lips naturally

Who does not like pink and fuller lips naturally, surely everyone does but due to some reasons we lose our natural beautiful lip color and resultantly it turns into dark lips. There are many reasons that can be genetically because dark color of lips is in genes of some people while dark complexion people also have dark lips. Smoking, intake of caffeine, hormonal problem, and many other reasons also take part in darkening the lips color. Well I was used to be in a habit of chewing my lips in my childhood and developing this habit I totally lost my natural pink color of lips but I have found some remedies that can let you get rid of the issue.
Whenever I write an article of tips on skin, hair or anything else I just go on saying one thing that if your inside body system is good then your outer will automatically works well. Good diet bestow you with a healthy body that further sort out the problems. Take fruits that are full of vitamins and minerals to keep your body fit. While on the other hand if you want to get rid of your skin, hair and dark lips problems just dehydrate yourself with enough water maximum 8 glasses per day that will boost your energy level and the maintenance of blood circulation. Let’s start to find out which are the remedies that can work for your dark lips top bloom like a flower.

0. how to treat dark lips naturally

Apple seeds and milk paste

1. how to treat dark lips naturally

Definitely you are astonished to read apple seeds but believe me it works well. Apple is full of iron and doctor recommends that daily take of one apple can make you healthy and works against cancer. You just need to have apple seeds and grind out. After grinding mix one table spoon of seeds powder in two table spoon milk. Apply this paste to your lips and scrub it for some minutes. This can even turn the dark lips into beautiful pink.

Lemon juice for lips

2. how to treat dark lips naturally

Lemon has citric properties that can turn the pigmentation, tan and dark spots of skin too. If you are suffering from darker lips just squeeze the lemon juice and apply directly to lips. You can also take its slice sprinkling out some granulated sugar and rub it gently so that the dead cells may peel out.

Glycerin for having beautiful lips

3. how to treat dark lips naturally

Glycerin is the most used product in home remedies and you can use it too for lips. Wet your finger tip with proper quantity of glycerin and put it to lips let it be there for some time. Daily use of glycerin is good for lips tan. You can mix glycerin with equal quantity of lemon, this mixture is used in winter for hands and feet to keep beautiful but if it is applied to lips this can change the color of lips rapidly.

Rose petal and milk

4. how to treat dark lips naturally

Generally rose petals are metaphor of beautiful lips. Well if you want to make your lips like rose petals dip some rose petals to milk and grind its paste. Apply the paste daily and rinse it with Luke warm water. Keep this paste in freezer for some days to use properly. Rose water is also available in markets that you can sprinkle to skin too and for lips mix it with cucumber juice for better results.

Cucumber slices

Freshly sliced cucumber

Cut the cucumber slice and rub it to lips to until lips absorb the juice of cucumber. This is the best way of finishing tanning effects from lips. Cucumber juice is also useful when you apply it mixing with tomato paste.


6. how to treat dark lips naturally

It is not justification while you are talking about beauty and honey has not been discussed. Honey has power to exfoliate the lips and gently turns the lips color naturally. You can apply it at night before going to sleep and wash the lips in the next morning.


7. how to treat dark lips naturally

The dark purple juice of beetroot is really very helpful when you use it for your dark lips. Deep freeze the slices of beetroot and take it out when you are needed to rub it to lips.

Olive oil

8. how to treat dark lips naturally

Massage of olive oil at night before bed can protect your lips against tanning and pigmentation. It softens your lips beautifully but be patient because it takes time to turn for your desired lips. Mixture of honey and olive oil is also suggested to dark colored lips.


9. how to treat dark lips naturally

Make a paste of strawberries and equally mix the butter. The natural red color of strawberries makes your lips red and sustains the beauty for long time. This paste can keep in fridge for one week but try to make fresh because fresh things has power while working against a problem.


10. how to treat dark lips naturally

Granulated sugar is really a very good thing to exfoliate the lips properly to get rid of the dead cells in the upper layer of the lips. Scrub the sugar on lips for some time but before doing this remedy if you exfoliate the lips with soft tooth brush that is good for lips. After scrubbing sugar apply lip balm or gloss.


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