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How to Remove Lice Eggs from Hair

0. how to remove lice eggs from hair

6 ways to get rid of lice eggs

0. how to remove lice eggs from hair

Hairs are  the different types of everyone some has black  some has   brown ,golden and different natural shaded but the volume of the hair s different of all the  people’s hair  in the voluminous hair the strength of  lice’s are much more and the  nits are  the tiny  egg of the lice’s they stick our hair and  badly  and compel  us  on scratching it is not remain in one head rather it transfer s one  by one if you have some lice’s in your hair then it  will be transfer and it  is in the other hair and your whole family will be    affected from the lice  but you should finish it from your hair because it suck your blood and  you  can lose your thinking power  due to the lice’s . There are   many ways to remove the   nits from our head there are so many shampoos are available which can finish our all lice’s but it depends on our skin because some people have very sensitive skin they can’t bear the   chemical of these shampoos so I want to suggest them some home tricks which can finish their all lice’s easily but you have to spend some time and it is something   stab work but very easy. So if you want to get rid of the lice’s and the nits then come with us and see the way to remove all the lice’s.


0+, how to remove lice eggs from hair


1. how to remove lice eggs from hair

Vinegar is such a thing which is available at everybody’s home  and it is very easy and cheap way to eliminate all  the lice’s  in the vinegar there is so much quantity of acetic acid  which can help us to remove the lice’s and the nits  so take some vinegar in the bowl  and add some mineral oil in  it and mix it well and when it is mix  then apply it on your  scalp and    remain all over the night wear a shower cap in your hair and in the  morning  at the pace of oil you can add the water  but vinegar and water is applying after your  fresh washed hair for 10 minute and again wash your hair you will see the lice’s are finished  repeat this way 2 or 3 time in a week.



2. how to remove lice eggs from hair3. how to remove lice eggs from hair

Mayonnaise  is such a thing  which can eliminate the nits and the lice’s it is another  home maid treatment which can  use at any time  in the recent research researcher has said mayonnaise is a complete solution to finish the lice’s apply the thick coat of mayonnaise on your head and  wear a shower cap on your head you can roll your towel also and   leave those mayonnaise fr 5 to  6 hour and wash your hair with your regular shampoo and   use the nits comb you will really feel  a difference.

Coconut oil:

4. how to remove lice eggs from hair


Coconut oil is very useful for the hair it make the scalp  strong and healthy  your hair   become very smooth and  silky with it so if you want to get rid of the  lice’s then you can use coconut oil because  it is good for hair and it  has   so much  benefits     take some coconut oil in the  bowl and add  little quantity of camphor in to it and boil it on the stove when it become boiled well then apply this  oil well in your hair and  leave it for overnight then rinse off with fresh water  and use the  nit comb  in a dry place and   massage with  this oil   well  on your scalp.



Onion is the best thing to make a dish tasteful   you make salad with the onion and the onion is helpful for reducing the weight  and  with the onion you can finish your    lice’s and nits then take  4 to 5 onion and cut it from the center   and blend it in the grinder and food processor when it become grind well then apply this paste in your   hair  and leave it at least 4 hours and  rinse off with lukewarm water and  use the nit comb after  washing your hair and  repeat this   2 time in a week.

Tea tree oil:

6. how to remove lice eggs from hair

6+ how to remove lice eggs from hair

Tea tree oil is  a natural  insecticides that can easily diminish your  lice’s and the nits  and can finish your itching . take 1 table spoon the tea tree oil and add some olive oil in to it  apply this solution in to your hair and  at the place of olive oil you can use  the  shampoo with the  tea tree oil and apply it and massage it  then  wash your head with the Luke warm water and you will feel your itchiness is less  than   that  and with your regular  shampoo your all nits will be finished. Not uses too much tea tree oil because it is something fast sensitive   skin persons don’t use it.


7. how to remove lice eggs from hair

lemon is a natural bleach  it removes the black spots and make you attractive  it can remove the nits and the  lice’s from the hair because of its acetic nature  lice’s are transferred one to another children and it is in the  hairs of school going girls .,take 4 to 5 lemon and stir the juice of it   and apply this juice on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes  and before rinsing the water massage in your hair with the vinegar  and then wash it with  Luke warm water  and use the nit comb in your hair you will really feel good


chemical shampoo and the ingredients are not  good for the head because it  can be cause of   elegy so use the homemade things because if it is not effected then there is no side effect of it  so be care full when you are using camphor and the  tea tree oil; because both things are strong it can cause the allergy but remove your all nits well .


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