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How to Done Face Cleansing & Whitening at Home Step by Step Instructions

Beautiful young woman in spa. Facial massage.

kin Cleansing & Whitening at Home with Easy Steps:

Girls & women are very much conscious about their facial beauty. They want to look more & more beautiful. For this purpose they are always in search of those products & method that can add beauty into their look. First of all, they want to make their face beautiful because it has central importance into their overall personality. In this regard, I think you can get 100 percent visible results with face cleansing whitening. You can get this service from a beauty salon but if you want to done it at home then I bring a complete face cleansing & whitening guidance for you on this web page. So, read the following steps carefully & then try at home & get beneficial results.

1)    First of all you need to collect some things such as a Head band for keeping your hair away from face during cleansing & whitening, cotton pad, sponge or towel for removing creams from face, water in a bowl for wetting towel or hands during cleansing or whitening, black & white heads remover  etc.

0 face cleansing & whitening step by step guide

2)    Along with these you also need a cleanser, skin whitener mask, scrub, face mask etc. You can buy a complete skin cleansing range of products from market or you can make these things at home simple by using different products that are available into your kitchen.

3)    First of all wash your face. Dry all water from face by using towel.

4)    Now you should take a start by massage your face with a cleanser. You can choose a cleansing cream or cleansing lotion by keeping your skin type into mind such as dry, oily, normal or sensitive.
face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (1)

5)    Another idea is, if you never want to use readymade cleansers then you can make it home by acting upon some homemade cleansers.

6)    You can make a cleanser by using lemon juice, almond paste & milk. Make a thick paste & apply this on face & massage well.

7)    You can also make a cleanser by using milk & olive oil mixture.

8)    You need to massage on face for about 15 min.

9)    You may thinking how to move hands or in what directions you should massage? For this purpose look below into the picture very deeply & get ideas about hand movement & accurate way of massage on face.

10)    Clean the cream with wet cotton pad/sponge, towel.

face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (2)

11)    Now apply a scrub on face or you can use homemade scrub by mixing aloe Vera, honey & sugar. This scrub will exfoliate the skin. Remove dead skin cells. Massage for about 10 min.

Beautiful young woman in spa. Facial
12)    Once again wash it with cotton pads.

13)    Now apply a cream that will whiten your skin. You can make turmeric, basin, milk, rosewater cream also. Apply on face & leave it to dry. Clean with sponge.

face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (4) face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (5)

14)    Remove black & white heads.
face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (6)

15)    Now apply mask on face Mask for tighten face. It will help to remove wrinkles & lines. You can use mud mask. It is also called fuller earth mask. You can also use egg white as mask. Remove face mask with water only (not beauty soap) when it dries. Or you can use wet cotton stuff for removing mask.
face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (7) face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (8)

16)    In the last apply rose water as toner on face. In the last you never need to wash your face with soap. Leave it untouched after applying toner.
face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (9)

17)    You can wash your face with soap almost after 4 to 6 hours of cleansing whitening process.

face cleansing & whitening step by step guide (10)
Hopefully, this step by step description & pictorial guide will help you a lot.


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