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How I can keep Spiders Away from My Home?

spray to keep spiders away from your house with natural tips

DIY Home Remedies to Keep Spiders Away from House:

It is a fact that a neat & clean home always looks very impressive to the eyes. It is also a fact that spiders’ webs into the corners of room, on the ceiling roof, into the cracks always ruin the good impact of your home. So, household ladies never like these spiders & they always think on how they can keep spiders away from their home? Dear ladies now you never need to worry because I am here for your assistance. Today, I am going to discuss about some easy tips that will help you a lot in order to keep spiders away from your ceiling roof, doors, windows, cracks & crevices. Read the following tips & get ideas!

1)    First method is you can use vinegar & water mixture. Use a spray bottle that is filled with vinegar & water; now spray on all doors, window, cracks, walls, corners & crevices as well as on baseboards, bookshelves & windowsills.
2)    Spiders also never like the smell of peppermint. So, use a spray that is made with peppermint oil & water. Fill it in spray bottle & spray in your home where you think spider can make his home. Keep in mind that this spray smells good. So don’t worries you home never smell bad.
3)    Another thing that can ladies do for keeping spiders away from home is the regular dusting of complete home. It is a difficult task but it ensures that there are no spiders or their webs in your home.

spray to keep spiders away from your house with natural tips

4)    Spiders run away due to citrus smell. So, you can use lemon juice & water spray because its scent helps spiders to go away. The peels of citrus fruits such as orange peels also works great if hang into the corner of home where spiders usually make their home. You can hang orange peels in kitchen & stop the entry of spiders.
5)    You can keep the Chestnuts on the outside shelve of window to keep spiders away it will restrict spider’s arrival from window.
6)    Try Baking Soda & water mixture. Fill it in a bottle & spray on walls & in corners.

Hopefully, these tips will work great.



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