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Best way to Clean up Sinks without any Harsh Chemicals

2. way of cleaning sink without harsh chemicals

1. way of cleaning sink without harsh chemicals

Your kitchen sink need the more attention while you are going to clean up whole kitchen for a weekly cleaning. Your sink bear a lots of stuff you need to clean and throw into the sink and as a result it has grimes, white stains and obviously no charming spark. So you have to bring a shine in your sink without using any harsh chemicals yes this is the main test of a house woman who does not waste her money buying costly chemicals for rinsing out stainless steel things. You just only need some things that are cheap and generally available in a kitchen. The things you will be needed are;
    Baking soda
    Dish wash cleaner
    Vinegar
    Lemon
    Brush/sponge
Start your work for the cleaning of sink by rinsing it out with water and pick up all the food material or particles in and around the sink if it contains.
    Sprinkle the baking soda to the whole sink in a way like it is snow falling in winter.
    Now take a cup of vinegar and mix some drops of dish wash cleaner pour it into a sprinkling bottle.
    Now spray the mixture over baking soda and let it be there for 20 minutes.
    After completing time take a used brush and rub out all baking soda in circular motion keep more concentrate on the spaces where it has grimes and other nasty spots.
    Rinse out all the paste with water and dab clean it with kitchen towel thoroughly you will glad to see a shiny and clean sink here.

    You can clean it also with a little change by rubbing the peel of lemon that contains baking soda over it.
    Lemon has acidic power to clear all the stubborn stains on stainless steel.
This is the easiest way to complete your work with a little effort and get your things again new and fresh look like. This cleaning will keep your sink clean for days and you will not need to clean it again and again.

2. way of cleaning sink without harsh chemicals


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