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What Are The Things That Can Make This Eid Happy Than Ever

1. Eid Celebrations

Finally we are passing towards Eid and surely Eid is the reward for Muslim people who break the fast. There are a lot of things everyone has to do before Eid like shopping, cleaning home, buying gifts and preparing for Eid dishes but it is seen that some people don’t let their self engaged in the bashful activities of Eid that’s why not become happy at all. Eid is the celebration that is celebrated even on international level and this day demands our full attention. The one can make this day happier by keeping a fully planned routine that may help one in having bliss.

Eid-ul-Fitr is the name of exchanging happiness to other people so don’t be just you but be a social one on that day. There is bliss even in ordinary little things, the need is just to explore and feel it. So first thing you must do to be happy is stressing out the things that is making you a self centered person. The most important key to feel the pleasure on Eid is to not isolate yourself but take part in such activities that may not bring delight in the life of others but yours too. We are going to mention here the sneak and peeks of Eid that are joyful for everyone and can make this day more superb than you ever felt.

Eid Namaz- must have offering:

2. Eid Celebrations

Whether you are a Muslim man or woman, you must consider the value of offering Eid Namaz. The benefit of Eid Namaz is that you are fulfilling the Sunnah of religion Islam. Eid Namaz brings you close to your Muslim brothers and a way to share the joy of this day.

Meeting after Namaz:

3. Eid Celebrations

Give smile to person who is next to you or sit aside when you stand in the symmetry for Namaz. Keeping the neck high or avoiding people are not a true inclination but smiling and hugging after Namaz can make the scene more powerful. Say happy Eid or the heartily greetings to everyone and even invite the neighbors to come at home.

Share your happiness:

4. Eid Celebrations

Share your good time with the people present in the Namaz hall or place, if you are going with the kids then ask kids to meet and hug their friends that will raise the high community standards in kids who are our future. This will make your mood bashful to see your kids doing the good things as you do.

Don’t forget poor and share your care for them:

5. Eid Celebrations

Sometime we totally forget the ones, who need most, share the time and money with the people who cannot even manage their one feast. The ethereal comfort and smile on the face of such people after your help can make the level of your heart satisfaction to its end.

Forget the grudges and anger:

6. Eid Celebrations

This is the day when every grudge or dispute is forgotten because Allah doesn’t like anger more than 3 days. So forget all what makes the relation weak and get it strong by sharing or caring on Eid day. give a magical hug and trust me this will make the day superb.

Keep the happiness unlimited:


Eat and send Sawaiyan:

8. Eid Celebrations

Eid-ul-Fitr is also called Mithi Eid and no one can imagine delighting their self without Sawaiyan on Eid day. But the way you can be overjoyed the days to send Sawaiyan to neighbors and poor people.

Décor the home:

9. Eid Celebrations

Decorating the home with balloons, lights and streamers will create really amazing and happy atmosphere at home. Make the kids involve in this fruitful activity and spend a great time.

Give eidi:

10. Eid Celebrations

The most awaiting moments especially for kids are those when they receive eidi from elders so be a responsible person and let the children ever joy by giving eidi. Enjoy their demands and make this time memorable.

Have great meal:

11. Eid Celebrations

Set the dining table with delicious dishes, the ladies can do their best in this regard. Enjoy the great meal together on Eid that is providing a chance for all the members of family to sit together. Be a person with great etiquettes on table.

Smile anyway:

12. Eid Celebrations

A simple smile can do many things, on Eid day a special smile must keep on face that will make your personality charming and people will automatically get attracted towards you.

Get ready perfectly:

13. Eid Celebrations

Don’t go for sleep and get ready gorgeously by wearing new clothes, having mehandi on hands and pose like a really blessed and happy person. This will get a change in the day and surely become a source of enjoyment.

Spend time with family:

14. Eid Celebrations

Spending time with family on Eid day is the most fruitful activity to get the bliss in life. Family is all and psychologically, the time you spend happily with family can make your mind stress free and happy.

Sweets and gifts:

15. Eid Celebrations

Give the gifts to friends and family as gifts are a way to make the love more powerful. Eat sweets and delight everyone also with different kinds of sweets. Sweets on Eid make the taste of this festival sweet and pretty.

Great time with friends:

16. Eid Celebrations

friends are life and on Eid day spending time with them can make the day remarkable, have silly photos, plan visit to places you love. You can go for lunch or dinner with friends on Eid day too.

When you celebrate the Eid day according to the activities given above, I am sure you will find yourself the happiest of all. Well, A very Happy Eid to all the Muslims in the World. Always Stay Blessed.


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