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Small & Simple Habits for a Rocking Married Life



A happy marriage life is where both the partners have immense affection for each other and are devoted to bring out the best in each other. Having each other’s back is very much important for spending a successful marital life. There should be positive energy, appreciativeness and gratefulness between husband and wife.
A positive climate is the lifeblood of a successful married life. Avoiding habitual complaints can save you from spoiling your life; rather you can share such things in a cordial way. The elements of criticism, contempt, sarcasm, eye-rolling and distancing behaviors should be completely eliminated to make your life happy and worth living with your partner. Adopt healthy habits which may bring more and more energy in your day-to-day life.
Here are a few tips you can adopt to spend a rocking married life. Have a glance and get benefitted:

Greet your partner with love in the morning

When your partner wakes up, say “good morning” to them with some positive statement such as “I love to wake up beside you”. This is the key to a lovely day full of positivity.

Exchange sweet texts

Stay connected on and off throughout the day and send your partner lovely texts. You can tell them that you are missing them or let them know that you can’t wait to see your partner tonight.

Make time for each other

It is very important to spend some time with your partner at regular intervals where you just talk about yourselves. Don’t neglect your relationship; else it will neglect you too. Busy life often makes you forget having a great time with your spouse which is not good. Never ignore the one you love.

Never fight over finance

Finance is one of the major reasons of quarrels among life partners. Avoid it by having joint accounts and holding investments together. It is also suggested not to give up your monetary independence.

Respect each other

Human beings are never perfect. At times, we may make mistakes. One may lose his/her temper but it never means that we throw our love and affection side and become disrespectful towards other person. If we are best at times, we can also show worst occasionally. Therefore, stand beside your partner through their times of imperfection rather than being contemptuous.

Hug your partner when reunite

Have an intentional hug with your partner for at least 20 seconds when you reunite which is longer than the average hug. It relaxes the bonding hormones known as oxytocin. Don’t let your reunion go thoughtless.

Listen to your partner carefully

It is very important to listen carefully as you have to reply afterwards. If you don’t listen carefully, you won’t be able to reply in appropriate manner and it will make your partner feel unwanted which leaves a very bad impact on relationship. Listen to understand and open your mind to the concerns and judgments of your partner.

Praise them

Appreciation and praising plays a vital role in motivating your partner in their good deeds. Show appreciation and pay compliments to them at the end of the day such as “thank you for being there for me, always” or “you are a blessing to me” and so on. This brings more contentment and peace between partners.


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