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How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress According To Your Skin Tone

Bridal outfit color according to your Skintone  (1)

Wedding day is most important and big day for girls. Every girl wants to look beautiful on this big event .A few years back, Red color considered special for brides. Most of the families like red dress for brides. They don’t think if red color suits bride or not. As a result, a girl, who does not suit red not look pretty on her wedding day. If you are going to marry then choose your bridal dress according to your complexion. Always choose your dress according to season and fashion.

Girls who have very fair color are lucky enough. Every girl wants to be fair, because there is a misconception that fair skin is symbol of beauty. And this thing is true in many ways. Fair complexion has no issue because each color suits on fair skin. Soft and light colors like mint green, peach and light pink suits on fair skin. Almost all dark colors also suit on fair skin. Those who have fair skin, avoid grey and brown because in these colors they will look dull.

Warm fair skin tone is most common in India and Pakistan. This is also called Asian skin tone. Some light and some dark colors will suit on this skin. Just off white, light pink, emerald green, royal blue, bright red, hot pink will make sure you pretty on this mega event. If you are so slim and tall then not to select a heavy bridal dress or a high bun that will make you extra tall and will reduce your grace.

If you have a dark complexion, then avoid dark colors and bright colors. No matter how color you have? Just pay a little attention and you will look beautiful. Choose your dress color according to your own complexion.

In pastel color, they will look gorgeous. Emerald green burnt orange, mint green and peach color will make you fabulous on your wedding day and every one will praise you. And if you are short heighted and also have a dark complexion then choose your dress and makeup very carefully. Try to use high heels and a high hair style that will make you a little tall.

Important thing is that, what color you have your selection should always be according to your complexion and what you carry it should always suit you and your dress and makeup always match with each other.

Bridal outfit color according to your Skintone  (1) Bridal outfit color according to your Skintone  (2) Bridal outfit color according to your Skintone  (3) Bridal outfit color according to your Skintone  (4) Bridal outfit color according to your Skintone  (5) Bridal outfit color according to your Skintone  (6)


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