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Galia Lahav Latest and New Wedding Gowns Collection 2016

0. Cinderella Zoom

Galia Lahav who is a haut couture and bridal designer has presented the most new bridal spring collection that is just ravishing assembling the unique pieces that you have never seen before. Well the eminent designer is always famous for the luxe bridal gowns with rich details and in this collection her focus was yet on material too but it’s not the material that has made collection wow but the impressions and dignity of love feelings that is rare and significant in this regard.

‘Les Reves  Bohemians’  basically defining the work of art on which Galia always focuses and mix the art with passion, romantic and mystic hues are the all mixed in the pallets of this luxury collection. Every gown is made of the rich and fine details crafted with classy fabric of lace and tulle while the beaded pattern and motifs are a way to enchant or to enhance the ethereal beauty of wondrous dresses.

Every dress has been mentioned a name which is telling its story perfectly, inspired by the fairy tale princesses and getting the boho fashion into the scene has delighted the gowns beautifully. every detail in the collection has been confined using the regal designing and we are sure by having the looks at the collection every next bride will blow her mind away and get herself determined to just have on the wedding day. Galia Lahav has also introduced the gold bridal accessories matched with her inspirational bridal dresses, it means with an ease bridals don’t have to wander here in there in search of their important wedding accessories, just keep calm and stay at Galia Lahav brand house where every bride is treated according to her personal figure and size.

Snow white report:

1. Snow White Front

The dainty and elegant beauty dress which is named as Snow White has possessed the ethereal charm due to its exceptional volume and the charm. Lace crafting is perfectly lined to create this striking piece of bridal attire. The expressions are worthy and noticeable especially who imagines the inspiration matters even in small things. Get mesmerized yourself in the dazes f gown and involve all divine feelings on wedding day.

Belle_ Tulle detailed gown:

2. Belle Front

The belle gown is presenting the one of its kind thing and a bride will feel like astraying herself into the trance of this gown that has been designed with much tulle. A lot of tulle will make your story more defining and fantastic with a whirl of dreamy like hues. Beaded upper bodice with tints of gleaming motifs can make your look shine and glorious.

Goddess beauty in ivory gown:

3. Wendy Front

Ivory deep plunging like neckline with the description of long Flowy sleeves that is just creating the effects of over layering to a gown. The gown is not a just thing in collection but see, the rotated gold hair crown and boho inspired curly hairs that are presenting the flawless beauty of goddess.

Mermaid grandeur and dreamy hues:

4. Felicity Front

Well mermaid dazes always reflect the glam of body hugging features and how beautifully Lahav has created the sexy dress design using the tulles to define its tale and the beaded upper bodice to get the deluxe of formal silhouettes. The especially designed hairstyle has captured the mind and also an idea to get the splendor on wedding day gloriously.

Cinderella_ a beauty queen:

5. Cinderella Front

This is the fairy tale of Cinderella that Galia used in mesmerizing her collection, off shoulder romanticism and the lace regal designing is all what contemporary bride demands. Handling this gown, you must be creative about accessorizing or styling the gown exquisitely and terrifically.

Let’s make this fairy tale complete by having the gorgeous looks of collection which is not doubt a splendor that Galia Lahav has made this season just to adore the bridal appearance.


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