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Adorn Your Hands With Unique & Cute Wedding Mehndi Designs

unique and cool mehndi designes (9)

All Asian women love to adorn their hands with the application of mehndi at different special occasions. Long ago, women apply mehndi on the entire hands and the sole of feet in simple style for religious festivals and for weddings.

Now the trend has changed and women draw intricate designs of mehndi on hands, feet, arms and legs also not only for wedding but for other events or casually.

Mehndi is meant to accentuate your beautiful hands, fingers and feet so you must choose the design you like the best to make you the centre of attraction. Here we have compiled an images gallery of some unique and mind blowing mehndi designs for you.

You can draw these pointy leaves starting from the ring finger and finish it off with the wrist. This design is simple and cute and perfect for teenage girls that even novices can draw easily. This design is perfect for those stylish girls who want minimal mehndi designs on their hands.

Intricate and complicated design with mehndi is drawn on the top of each finger. This design will work great for the bride of engagement ceremony because by making this design she can make her hand attention grabbing while wearing engagement ring by her fiancé and make sure to wear a good shade of nail paint too.

This design is very simple to draw, perfect for college girls on a casual college party. If you are going to a semi formal party and want to draw the attention of the people to your beautiful hands then draw this design. This design is very unique for its distinct pattern and repeated circles.

The first big circle von the side of the hand and two other repeated circles linked with the vine of tiny leaves to the ring finger make the design really different. We are pretty sure that this design will make everyone go wow for its uniqueness, while making this design don’t forget to paint your nails with beautiful glossy nail paint.

This mehndi design is looking awesome; the beauty of this design lies in the fact that it is looking like a stunning piece of jewelry not just a mehndi design. The wrist design like a bracelet is linked with dotted lines to middle finger come together in beautiful design, the unique finger design and wrist cuff give a sense of charm and style.

If you like to keep your mehndi design minimal then you don’t need to get big and elaborate designs to add beauty and style. Just go with this simple design half of the back of hand and just let one finger do the talking.

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