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Different Ideas for Using the Old Clothes


When we  buy the clothes we spend  too much money to buy t because it is our desire that  the price of that dresses is  much more but we want to get it our because it is our wish   and we feel happy to get it rather than the wear  and we feel  so much  sadness when our favorite and expensive dress becomes spoil and lose its worth according to the  others  and our dresses  are thrown in the dustbin  and some coarse dresses are used as a mop for the floor  when you throw your not enough old dress    you feel bad then how it can be good thing if you  use  these dresses for the house things because many things are made with the old things and they look beautiful so you should not  waste your dresses rather you should  use all the dresses in your daily life the recycling of the dresses  is a creative thing  because creativity is not found in the  personality of everyone  but with the little effort you can make different things for your house and these things are very  good when you recycle  it then the look of it becomes change  if you are not expert in the stitching then you  should no need to be worried because  I have   some such ideas which are very easy and  attractive with this away your  old clothes turn in the new clothes and  saves your money and time.

Jeans for recycling:

In your house your old jeans is must  available  which  is not in use and you should want to do it waste then you can do it  change with little hard work  take a pent and cut the  bottom  and leave the upper  part same and  the  pent front is  stitched  from the bottom and  the  edges of the corner should use for the  belts which are used on the skirt  on the  back of your   skirt  the  bow knot is used it is very easy to make the pent bottom part which we have  wasted that is enough for  make the knot for your skirt.

Sweater recycling idea:

In the winter the sweater and the  blazer are   bought  very costly but when the trend become change  at very next year then   we  don’t  want to  waste this  expensive sweater as soon so to make your sweater  as a floor mop you can use it as a cushion because in the winter we like the  warmth  so  sweater cushion is best for giving you warm effect    cut the one side f the sweater  till the center button line and  make a cushion  you can use the fancy buttons on these cushion.

Dye scarf:

if you have an extra  cloth and you have made the  dye scarf with this cloth  them use it as a duppata  cut it in the  shape of duppata   and  stitch the lace on it is very beautiful you  can carry it on the pants ,frock and the tops  it is not compulsory only red color scarf’s and duppata are  good rather you can use any duppata because you are going to  wasted it  if you don’t want to carry it then  paint on your duppata with fabric paints and   you can use it on the table as a table mat.

 Denim jacket:

Your jacket is old but you have love with this jacket so  cut it  the upper part and only the waist  part   leave  and the use of knot bow on the jacket is very nice    corset belt is looking so nice which you have  made at your home  on your any style  dress you can carry it  look stylish and  not only denim you can make such corset to the velvet jacket if you have.

Shirt in refashion:

The shirt which is not in your use and you want to waste it  so keep it save   and  make the fashionable dress  with this ordinary shirt  the  long shirt  which  is carried  with the   shorts   now  it’s time to change  take the shirt and cut it  make it in short length  and  on the bottom chiffon patch is giving that shirt a new look new style is also with you  and your money are also saved.

Use the old shirt:

Your formal shirt which you were carried in the offices and   the other formal  function it is wasted and you should not waste it because the  golden memories  are connected to this shirt   so cu the upper ban of the   shirt if you have ban shirt   and if you have collar shirt then  cut the collar of this shirt  and make  it the  collar necklace with the fancy clips and the brooches  because these fancy clips and   brooches will  increase the beauty of it   and it is used to close you color .


IN the gallery many things are more which can make the old clothes because old  dresses should not  waste  you should use it in  your daily routine  you can make it  at your home with little hard work  but you should be something creative.

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