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Different Easy Ideas to Make False lip Rings

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Trend of wearing lip rings:

Current fashion trends are greatly exclusive and unique in their expressions. Some unconventional trends are exclusively stunning and not for everyone to follow. Among the trends lip ring is one of most prominent one. Youngsters are worn rings around the sensitive parts of face as eyebrows, lips and columela. To express the magnificence of stylish personality, ladies are worn different rings around the lips.

Greatly it is painful procedure and most of people not to dare think about it. To play with sensitive parts of body is not a rational act but still trendy people have great inclination towards this fashion trend.  For such people here we have something exiting and note worthy. We are sharing some fake ideas of lip rings. These fake lip rings are not painful and permanent rather these are temporary and fake. From different ideas you can enjoy the magnificence just for time of your choice. Here we are sharing some easy ideas to make fake lip rings. These lip rings are enormously easy to carry and pain free. You can attain uncompromising grace of bold stylish personality through these lip rings. Enjoy the attitude of aggressive personality without passing through painful procedure of making holes in lips.

Let’s discuss practical processes of these excellent fake lip ring ideas which are superbly as real in their expressions as genuine lip rings are.

Simple wire ring as lip ring:

Take a smooth simple slim wire and bend it at some hard plastic or metal circle roll. It will perfectly bended by producing the expression of ring. Adjust this ring around your lip and enjoy the aggressive grace of stylish lip ring. This fake idea ill provide you affect magnificence of lip ring facial expression.

Stylish wire folding:

If you are selecting a soft stylish wire then it will be easier. You can bend this wire through your fingers. Wrap this wire around your finger and make an exclusive circle ring. Cut the extra wire if you want or keep r for making hook. Adjust this stylish lip ring around your lip where you want to express. It will amazingly create a stylish grace which will enhance the elegance of your personality.

Manage the hook of pillars:

If you want to make fake lip ring comforted then make a hook at inside corner. From pillars bend this wire shortly from the corner. It will be comforted and easy to carry. Take the exact idea of making hook from this picture.

Use earring as lip ring:

Another beneficial idea is also there for fake lip ring. You can use small earrings as lip ring. But some soft and stylish small earrings from market and separate them from their joining part. Bend this ring according to the size of your lips and enjoy its elegance which will be same like real lip ring. For lip ring lovers this excellent idea is greatly magnificent.
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