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Some Effective Ways of Cleaning Out Wood kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen is the most using part of home when the cooking time is over then it’s time to clean up the wooden cabinets layered with dirt, grime and grease. We touch cabinets most of the time with greasy hands that’s why one day it is totally covered up with stains. Besides kitchen the other home wood cabinets need same methods of cleaning and getting rid of the dirty cabins. I have summed up different ways that have great effects while cleaning wood cabinets but make sure plastic or rubber gloves have been used to save hands.

1. Warm water and dish was

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Mostly ladies clean the cabinets with this method that works well. Dip the soft cloth after squeezing rub onto the surface and clean the stains.
2. Vinegar and salt
Vinegar is widely used in rubbing out the dirt from wood cabinets but for the stronger stains mix some salt in vinegar and applies this on cabinets from sponge or soft cloth.
3. Oil sop

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Oil soap is considered best to remove the dirty splashes from cabinets. In fact it is a fast way to consume your precious time. Oil soap instantly vanish the grime and change into new look.
4. Different sprays for wood cabinets

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There are different sprays available in markets that work well and prove good in cleaning the wood cabinets.
5. Baking soda and vegetable oil

Mix some vegetable oil in baking soda and apply this paste to cabinet. Rub it out with the help of old tooth brush, sponge or cloth it will renew your cabinets. You can mix water instead of vegetable oil for this purpose.
6. Wood polish

clean wood kitchen cabinets (2)
You can use wood polish too to spark the wood. But make sure all the grime and dirt have been cleaned before polishing. This can be optional try the home solutions.



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