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How to Pack Work Bag very Efficiently & Smartly?

5 Ways of Packing a Smarter Work Bag (1)

Pack Your Work Bag by Following these Clever Ways:

5 Ways of Packing a Smarter Work Bag (1) 5 Ways of Packing a Smarter Work Bag (2) 5 Ways of Packing a Smarter Work Bag (3) 5 Ways of Packing a Smarter Work Bag (4)
Bags have lots of importance into our lives because we use bags for carrying our lots of things from one place to another. Different sizes of bags are available into the markets; you just need to buy a right size of bag that can carry your all luggage. You can find handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, suitcases & so on. Here on this page I am going to talk about how you can pack your work bag very smartly. Why I choose work bag? As we know that we are living in a modern age where we need to work hard so that we can spend a luxurious life. So, mostly the travel from one place to another occurs only for work purposes. Sometimes you plan a trip with your family along with your work trip. I mean two works in one trip. Very smart! Well, here I just want to say work is one of the most important tasks into today’s busy life pattern. So, here the ideas that can help you to pack your work bag very smartly.

?    First of all you need to determine whether you are going out of city or within city? In case of out of city, whether this trip is for one day, two or more days?

?    Workbag Packing for Within City Meetings & Conferences:
1.    If you are packing your bag only for attending a meeting or conference within the city but the duration is from morning to evening & you need to travel in far areas of the same city then you need to pack your bag with some essentials such as your laptop, sunglasses, phone, headphone, pen, notebook, perfume, tissues, sanitizer, charger, water bottle, credit cards, headache tablets, pain killers, charging light, contact details or addresses whom you are going to meet etc. Add necessary keys such as car keys.
2.    Add necessary documents (if needed to meetings) & business cards (for promoting your business).
3.    If you are a woman then along with all previously described things you also need to add some beauty products into your work bag such as a little mirror, lipstick, lip gloss, make-up kit, hair comb etc.
4.    Add flossing kit.
5.    Here you never need to add clothes or footwear into your work bag. The clothes that you wear on your body are enough for spending the whole day.
6.    But you need to consider weather conditions. In winter season, you can add an extra coat or sweater into your work bag because weather can take a turn even in next hour.
7.    You need to keep these all things orderly. Consider the pockets of a bag. Specify one pocket for same category things like phone, charger, headphone, pen, notebook; business cards while other pocket for perfume, tissues, sanitizer, headache tablets, pain killers etc. Ladies should keep their makeup products in separate pockets. This categorization makes easy access to your things.
8.    Add document into a folder & then keep this folder into the bag in straight form so that your documents can never be folded or damaged. Then add laptop in the bag.
9.    In the outside pockets of bag you can hang a water bottle. Don’t keep it inside the bag because if its lid will be loose then it can damage your all other goods. If you like then you can hold water bottle in your hand.
10.    Choose a right size bag with lots of inner & outer pockets that can hold your all necessary goods. I think a back pack or shoulder bag is best for men while women can buy larger size handbag or shoulder bags.

?    Workbag Packing for Out of City/Country Meetings, Business Trips & Conferences:
1.    If you are going out of city for meeting or business trip then you need to pack two bags. One is the same bag that I already illustrated above plus your passport, check book, other visa related documents (if you are going out of country), toothbrush, tooth paste, your favorite soap, & second is your suitcase. Yes, when you go out of city then of course your stay may be for one day or for two day or for more days. So you need to take some clothes, footwear & other styling accessories with you. For keeping these all things you need a suitcase.
2.    If you are going for one day & one night then you need a mini suitcase that can hold one or two suits, one towel, one or two footwears, a night dress & of course your shampoo, conditioner & some other styling accessories such as blazers, scarves, socks etc. here once again you need to consider weather conditions when choosing your clothes.
3.    If you are going on business trip out of city or out of country for two or more days. Then you need a larger size suitcase that can hold your clothes, footwears & other accessories for the required days.
4.    Keep your clothes & footwear separately.
5.    You can put your clothes into the bag either by folding or by rolling. These two are different concepts. Folding clothes are less likely to wrinkled or lined while folding clothes can be wrinkled. Knits or wool items can be rolled because these can never be wrinkled even if rolled but shirts or pant suits should always be folded because rolling these items can create lots of wrinkles.
6.    If you add a new pair of footwear in your bag then adds your socks, under garments inside the shoes in this way you can save the space in your suitcase for other items.
7.    Try to create layers in your bag. The most fragile items should be kept into the middle layer so that these can be protected from any breakage.
8.    Try to keep toiletry items on the top so that you can access these easily.
9.    Ladies usually like to carry their jewelry pieces when go out of city. So I think for business trip always use minimal jewelry & if parties are expected & you need jewelry then try to carry it into a simple but strong jewelry box.
10.    Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot.


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