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Easy Steps on How You can take a Luxurious Bath at Home

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Perfect Bath at Home Step by Step Instructions:

8 steps and ideas of taking a perfact bath (1)

Bathing has a very important place into our lives. Every human being from little kids to young people, from mature to old, each & every person must take bath. Bathing actually makes us Healthy. It keeps our muscles strong, relaxed & refresh. It helps us to reduce depression. You can take bath daily. Believe me bathing have a very soothing effect not only our body but also on our mind. Don’t think bathing is a daily task but consider it as your favorite hobby & then see its magical results on your body, mind & face. Everyone can take a bath. But here on this page, I would like to share some very easy & possible steps of taking bathing. I am, sure that these steps can help you to make your simple & boring bathing experience a more interesting & luxurious experience. Here are the steps!

•    First of all you have to decide the time of taking bath. Is it morning or evening? I think you should take bath before Sleeping at night because when you take bath in this time then it not only help you to bath without the fear of being late for office or college or work plus it will help you to sleep in a better way.
•    The second task that you have to do is to adjust water temperature. I mean whether there is summer or winter? If there’s winter then you need hot bath. In this case always set a temperature of water that is suitable for your body. I think you should go with lukewarm water because too much hot water can damage your skin or can cause irritation later. In summer you need cold bath. If you like then you can add some ice cubes into the bathtub for making water cold. But avoid too much cold water because it can freeze the sensitive parts of your body.
•    Third step is to wash the bathtub. Remove all dust or dirt by adding water & then by removing this water from bathtub.
•    Now try to close the bathtub water passageway with rubber stopper. Now fill it again with water. Neither fill it fully nor less. Keep water level “moderate”.
•    You can also add some rose petals into the bathtub for feeling passionate.
•    Try to keep the towel near bathtub.
•    Add liquid body wash in bathtub. Make some bubblers.
•    You also need to add 6 to 8 drops of essential oil.
•    If you like then you can add the Epsom salts in your bathtub because this salt have a very soothing effect for tight, painful sore muscles
•    Try to add essences (if you like).
•    Honey can also be added for making skin smooth & soft. Lemon drops are also used for getting an energetic feel. Ginger can also be added for relieving cold & flue.
•    If you like then you can keep fresh Fruits or beverages near bathtub so that during bath you can enjoy eating & drinking. It will give a luxurious spa feel.
•    Try to illuminate candles near bathtub (it is optional) for creating a dreamy & romantic atmosphere. If you are above 15 years then you can follow this idea while little kids should avoid it.
•    Make sure the doors of bathroom are closed. Make sure your privacy.
•    Slip your feet into the bathtub very carefully.
•    Before slipping your feet into the bathtub don’t forget to play music soft music for more magical & royal feel during bathing.
•    Try to take deep breaths during bath for a good feeling.
•    Set a bath pillow behind your neck or head for keeping your neck relaxed.
•    Take almost 30 min bath. Thirty min bath is necessary.
•    Soak your body into the bathtub for about for 15 min.
•    When you soak your body then tries to keep the slices of cucumber on your eyes so that you can reduce the Eyes puffiness.
•    In the last remaining 15 min you need to gently massage your body & try to pull body dead cells very gently with a bathing sponge. Clean every area of body carefully.
•    Now when you completed then wash your body.
•    Take a quick shower after bath.
•    Dry water with towel.
•    Apply body lotion on whole body
•    Wear your robe.
•    Come out of bathroom.
•    Try to drink a glass of lukewarm milk or tea after bath for better sleep.


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