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Easy Step by Step Method to Cut Bangs at Home


Fashion of Bangs Hairstyle:

“Bangs” are seen on the forehead of every next girl. What it means? Can you tell me? Yes, it means bangs are in fashion. Whether you will cast your look at the runway or towards red carpel events as well as towards the public looks of celebrities, then everywhere you will find out only one hair cut that is “bang”. Bangs hair cut is actually not a new hair cut but it again come back into the fashion industry after 70’s. I saw my mother’s childhood picture. In these pictures she appeared in bang hair cut & looking very cute. Bangs usually add a childish look into your personality.

Who can follow this Fashion & who’s Never?

I think this is a best hair cut for teenage girls or young girls. The over age women & old ladies should avoid this hair cut because on their old personality it will look very odd & can ruin the grace impact of their mature personality. So, I prefer it only for teenage girls. They can add an innocent, cute, pretty & lovely touch into their personality by following this hair cut in this spring summer season. So, that you can a chic style statement into the street. This hair style is also best for little school going girls.

Whether I can cut my own bangs at Home or not?

Yes, you can cut your bangs at your home. Bang is just a perfect hairstyle for almost every face shape. So, don’t think what face shaper you have. Just choose bangs for this season & rock among your friends. Here I am going to describe step by step method on how you can cut bangs at home.

Step by Step Instructions for Cutting Bangs at Home:

Read the following guidelines.
•    You need scissor & hair comb at first.


•    Comb your hairs.
•    Locate the place from where you want to start your bangs.
•    Part your hairs with comb either in a triangle shape (as shown below into the picture step 1+step 2) or you can part your hair in horizontal style.
•    Clip all remaining hair at back.
•    Comb the front hairs again with wet comb.
•    Now determine the length of your bang (whether it’s length eyebrow touch or eye touch or forehead touching).
•    Divide your hairs in three sections & cut bangs with scissor. As shown below in 4 & you have done. If you like then cut your hair in three by dividing portion

Pictorial Tutorial for Cutting Bangs at Home:


What Hairstyles can go best with Bangs?

With bangs girls can try different hairstyles such as;

•    A high ponytail looks very pretty with bangs.
•    You can add curls into your hairs.
•    You can try top knotted up do.
•    Try half up half down hairstyles.
•    A side loose braid also looks very lovely.


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