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Complete Guideline on How You can clean or organize your Messy Bedroom

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How I Should Clean my Messy Bedroom in Short Time?

Today, I am going to tell you how you can convert your messy & unorganized bedroom in a clean & well-organized bedroom. No matter whether you are a girl or boy, men or women, no matter whether you want to clean a little kid room, teenage bedroom or a couple bedroom because these tips are beneficial for every gender & age of person. A messy bedroom is a bedroom when there is mess everywhere. Your wardrobe is full of with junk clothes; there is no space on the floor to take a step, you bed is full of with clothes, blankets, pillows, & other items. All this shows that you are living in a messy bedroom.

It means your bedroom need cleanliness. So, let’s starts!

1)    First of all you need a determined behavior in order to clean the room. Be strong & determined.
2)    Clean all dirty pillows, blankets, clothes & other unnecessary thing from the bedroom. Put the dirty clothes in to the laundry room & keep the unnecessary items into the store room.
3)    If there are dirty plates, water glass, jug, spoons or tea cups into the bedroom then pick up these, take into kitchen, wash, dry & keep these at the right place.
4)    Set your clothes into the wardrobe. Keep all clothes systematically & separately. Separate formal & casual wear, summer & winter wear, day & night wear etc. You can set your footwear wardrobe also.
5)    You can iron some clothes, so that you can hang these clothes into the hangers & wear whenever you like.
6)    Keep all things in such a way that whenever you need a thing then you can easily obtain it from the place where you kept it.
7)    Keep the doors of your clothes wardrobe, closet, cabinets & drawer close.
8)    If you like to keep toys in your bedroom then always keep the toys in the right place I mean in to a cabinet or at a shelve.
9)    Change pillow cover if you feel the covers are looking dirty, same can be done with bed cover because bed cover & pillow are the center of attraction into the bedroom. Similarly take a look towards window curtains.
10)    Nothing should be kept on bed instead of pillow & blanket. There should be no wrinkles on bed cover when you put it on bed.
11)    After collecting all the scattered things, the next step is “dusting”. For dusting you can use a soft brush or a piece of clothes. Try to remove dust from furniture, walls, chairs, bed, side tables, shelve etc by using this piece of cloth. Remove dust from windows & doors. Remove dust from books, centerpieces & other accessories that you keep on table. Remove dust from TV. Remove dust from wall painting if you hang on the wall.
12)    If you feel any kind of odor into the room then use room spray & make it odorless. Wash floor if required (if there is no mat on floor). Use vacuum cleaner for removing dirt & dust from floor mat. Open window or door so that some fresh air will enter.
13)    Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot.

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