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Top 5 Side Effects of Makeup and Beauty Products

1. Top 5 side effects of beauty products

0+ Top 5 side effects of beauty products

The glam world is incomplete without beauty products mostly available in market and every lady consider these beauty products as a tool to signify their best looks. Every field of life has been advanced due to the use of technology, the preparation of beauty products we often think are got pure without using harmful material. But the recent research has shown its devastating side effects which brutally infected in various ways.

In beauty creams, the presence of mercury has made them suspicious while the bad effects of using permanent hair dyes are also in front of us. Even the products that are under suspicious or banned by FDA are also available in the markets of different countries. On the other hand there is also fraud by companies with not mentioning the real material or ingredients, some of these are heavily injected with the harmful ingredients that give the very bad side effects and some skin products have make the persons victim of skin allergies while sometimes the skin cancer too.

Similarly, bleach creams available in local markets are also prepared using the too dangerous and risky ingredients. Personally I had to bear the bad effect of using bleach cream on my hands, it filled my nails and after using just for 3 minutes I was unable to lift up the things with my hands as there was severe pain in nails. The color of nails also turns red; I have to bear this pain probably for 3 days. There are so many others and like this bad effects of using makeup beauty products but here I want to mention the top 5 targeting the people so badly.

Headache and stress:

1. Top 5 side effects of beauty products

It has been seen that wearing makeup most of the time becomes a reason to have headache, nausea and stress. The tiring feeling does not let you active more and as a result you feel sleepy and dizzy. Dryness on your face tells you that it’s high time to let off that exposure of makeup. It happens due to using the harsh chemicals in makeup products and whet wears, you feel like having a Burden or load on face.

Hair products:

2. Top 5 side effects of beauty products

Using the hair dye products have made the condition serious as you just write hair dye effects on Google and there are the terrible effects you have ever seen. Many cancer cases have come on the scene due to using hair dye colors which make the life abnormal and sometimes reasons to be end. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide is entered to form these dyes that brutally effect skin and allergies.

Skin allergies:

3. Top 5 side effects of beauty products

A research shows that 30% of acne skin problem is because of having low quality makeup. Now the young girls even don’t attend an event if they have not applied makeover to look beautiful, the increasing use of beauty products has made the phenomena serious. Skin allergies in which pimples, black heads, redness and sometime the large size wounds like allergy are included, appears if any product with high chemicals is reacted badly. Liner and mascara contains lead and charcoal that affect eyes.

Anti-aging products:

4. Top 5 side effects of beauty products

Anti-aging products mainly contain hydroxyl acids that results in entering the skin tissues and when such chemicals passes through the skin, they play havoc and disturb the internal system. Consequently, the lungs cancer and skin cancer become reason to end your life. Well these products and the mentioned advantages really attract but don’t be fooled by the low quality item if the ingredients are not written on it.

Damaging of brain tissues:

5. Top 5 side effects of beauty products

The excess use of hair products and especially the perfumes cause damage of brain tissues. The perfumes or scents co0ntain toxic chemicals such as benzyl alcohol, ethanol, acetone, benzyl acetate, limonene and methylene chloride, which exists in combination or separately too. When the fragrance or perfume enters into nostrils, it directly goes to brain and affect badly.


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