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Tips to Take care of You in Summer

7. Tips to take care of you in summer

How you can keep you fit in summer

The season never remain same it  is  changing   day after day and  it is fact that if the  all year season remain same then people become fed up   so there are four season which are different from one another and people enjoy it with different way  summer season is such a season when  everybody is not a happy mood and this season remain for a long timing and in this season we  feel much hotness and leave  our self on the  God and take no attention on our face and body which is  much  compulsory for us  because in the summer  if we don’t  take care of  us then it will spoil our  beauty  and  we feel bad  in all the season of summer  here I have some tips for you which can help you in this summer season  and for the next season you will be glowing and say welcome happily the ladies who are conscious for their beauty they feel fear from the skin dying and  with these tips you can make your skin  good and energetic  .come with us  and see the   different way  to keep your summer healthy and  active.

•    First of all drink plenty of water   in the summer because it will save you from dehydration   and hygienic problems due to water  deficiency  there can be diyeria  and  your hormones  can be      caused   the  break out and   and typhoid is also  due to the water  deficiency  so  drink 12 glass water In a whole day it is good  for you  that  drink water before eating anything   in the morning.


•    In the summer there are so many masks and scrubs are  used by the ladies because they want to  keep save their body and skin from the  UV rays of the sun  then you have  no need to  for an artificial and readymade facial pack rather you can  make these facial scrubs at your own home  in the summer  the cucumber is available which  is so much cold you  peel it off and make a paste in a blender with little  honey  and aloe Vera gel and scrub it  on your face and keep two slice of cucumber on your face it will keep your  eyes cool.


2. Tips to take care of you in summer

•    Sun screen is much compulsory for you in the summer  season because  in the summer the  sun rays are too much strong they effect on our skin  and  too much grimy and  the  dust    so  when you are going outside then use the sun screen on your  face and after  come back home   moisturize  your skin with the fresh milk  and you can use the rose water also.

3. Tips to take care of you in summer

•    Mud mask is very cool  for our skin and keep a fresh look in summer    so  take some mud  and  add some rose water and the honey with the  talcum powder  it will give you a  fair and  glowing skin in the summer  and apply it after one week and when it become dry  then rinse off with  Luke warm water .there are so many mask are  such which you can make at your home  like  saffron ,honey  and milk made paste, papaya  paste with the olive oil and  yogurt and the coconut   with the  turmeric and the  egg  white.

4. Tips to take care of you in summer 4+ Tips to take care of you in summer

•    In summer eat vegetable too much and avoid to eat meat  because it is so  hot and    vegetables specially cucumber, tomatoes, onion salad and the  beetroot are the  best thing to eat in the summer   taking water melon juice because it is fresh and  cool in the  drinking if you go outside or the job then drink lemon and water or you can drink the   sugar cane juice also  because  it is good  for summer hot and scorching  season.

5. Tips to take care of you in summer 5+ Tips to take care of you in summer 5++ Tips to take care of you in summer

•    Make a tomato paste and apply  it on your face  because it is full of vitamin  and then you applying it on your face the add some lemon in to it because lemon is a perfect   bleach and  it can remove your   all spots and the dark circles of your face. Take a bath daily  because in the summer when you take a bath  the body become energetic because when you go  outside   then the dust and the grim  are gathered on your face  and body so when you take bath  you become again fresh.

6. Tips to take care of you in summer

6+ Tips to take care of you in summer 6++ Tips to take care of you in summer

•    Yoga and exercises are best in the summer because it keeps you healthy and active whole day  so  take exercise and keep yourselves healthy and smart  because  summer is a season when your health become  down  and you feel like dead  so  in this summer act like these  tips  then you will be able to spend a good summer  season.

7. Tips to take care of you in summer 7+ Tips to take care of you in summer


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