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Tips For Removing Your Pimples With Home Remedies


Pimples are nothing it us just dirt and dust  which is seem in our face in the shape of pimple  and when the sebum and puss is fill in the dust it become pimple mostly the  acne and pimples problem is due to the stomach problem  it is not a critical condition but it can spoil your overall look and show you bad  the pimple remain on the face few days but the scar  remain for many time and the girls who are so conscious they  don, want to meet anyone when they  have pimple on their faces.

There are sop many products are available in the market which are used for the pimples and scars remove but all the things are not good for the skin because face is the sensitive part of your body and remain in front  so don’t use the things which are made with the chemicals  because chemicals can damage your skin badly and you have to face the skin cancer also.

The problem of the acne pimple is in the age of teen then the girls like to go with every good pimple removal  medicine and these things which are effective for the  pimples but some skin cannot adopt these  chemicals made things and they have to face too much redness and rashes s if you  are facing any problem of acne pimples and the scars then you  should go with the  home made things.


Cucumber is very cool and it is good for the stomach it keep us healthy and smart  when you are on the dieting then eat the cucumber salad  and the water of it without eating anything in the morning and the paste of the cucumber is very good for skin it makes your skin smooth  and pimple free in few days  take a cucumber and peel it and cut it into pieces and grind in the blender in the cucumber you can add the  mint paste it will make your skin fresh and  pimple frees.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is good for the  health and it is also natural bleaching  powder for your face and  it removes your  dark circles, acne ,pimples and the  blackheads from your nose so  use the baking soda  in the morning  in the morning take  some  baking soda and add the water and  mud mask  and make a thick paste  and apply it on your face at your nose apply  it and use the  teeth  brush for removing the black heads and keep your nose glowing  at the place of baking soda you can use the tooth paste on the  pimples because it is also made with baking soda apply the tooth paste on the pimple in the night and in morning wash your face with Luke warm water.

Honey and turmeric powder:

Honey  gives you healthy and  glowing skin if you use it twice a  week then it show a good result  in the honey you can add the  turmeric powder and want to make the paste then use the milk cream  and make a god paste  and apply it on your face and leave it for dry when it dry then with the little water  massage on your face  it gives you a glowing and fresh skin forever you should use this paste before the makeup applying. At the place of turmeric powder you can add the yogurt for the fresh and pimple scars removing.


Lemon is the natural bleach it is very useful for the   skin scars and the p[pimples on the pimples you can use  the  lemon juice with the  gram flour and the  talcum powder for making the skin  glowing  at the place  of the   lemon juice you can add the fresh aloe Vera gel which is natural  gel you have no need the markets  in the gel  you can add the  turmeric powder also for the pimple removing it is good and easy way to  remove the  pimple scars in few days and you can look  fresh and active.


Tomatoes are effective for prevent the pimple and the scars of the pimples you can use the tomato paste on your skin take a tomato and cut it and blend it in the blender with the lemon juice you can apply it on your face  and you can make the paste and save it in the ice cubes when you feel need then take an ice cube and apply it on your face it is good face mask  with the  help of yogurt you can get red and glowing skin for  long time.

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