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Tips and Ideas for Women to Treat with Dehydration & Acne

0. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne

Some domestic totkay and remedies against the acne

0. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne

Acne problem is very common among the teenagers because when we enter in the period of adolescent from our childhood then many changes are come in our body whether boy or girl .Hormones are changed and body physic is also .In teen age s many girls have to face acne problem which they consider themselves ugly and they want to get rid of pimples and acnes at any cost .They try different things which made by different dangerous chemical  so you should not use any cream and medicine without  the doctor  recommendation because at a time these medicine can finish your acne and pimple but black spots, unwanted hair and wrinkles become the cause of these medicines. So many things which are in our home is better for your treatment because the natural things can damage our skin.
Different tips for your acne treatment:
There are many ways to cure acne and pimples but the girls who themselves use different creams and formulas they are very dangerous and can cause the cancer because in these creams many things are add which can show immediate distinct  but when you leave to apply it acne again take place at your face.

0+ tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne

•    First of all drink pure water daily 12 to 15 glasses and in the morning one glass is must with empty stomach because it is best way to reduce the weight and keep the skin alive.

1. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne8. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne

•    Go for a walk daily and take exercise because when you take exercise your muscles remain in working and whole day you remain active and healthy. Fresh air and green lush grass in the morning circulate the blood in this blood circulation gives you healthy skin.

•    Use fresh water when you wash your face because impure water is full of germs and bacteria which become the cause of acne and pimples. You can use mud mask it keep you fresh and give a cool feeling to your face.
•    Face washes can be made at home with different things like alovera, honey, baking soda, turmeric and mint paste .It is very easy and pure way to get rid of acne.


•    When your skin is affected with acne then don’t go in front  of the sun because  when sunrays are falling on your face then it is itching and rashes can be take place on your face.

•    Use such fruits which are full of vitamin because acne pimple and dark circles are due to the deficiency of vitamin and dehydration when dehydration is vanished from your body then become the cause of acne. Just like berries, oranges, pears and pineapple.

6. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne

•    Not use such things which are full of spice and oil because spicy things are not good for stomach and if you have oily skin and eat much oil and stomach then it is confirm acne and pimples are compulsory. Light spice and low fats are good for a healthy skin.

•    Keep your nail short and neat because hand germs also included in the acne and pimples .The weather and climate is much matter on your face because with dust and mud you have to feel much coarse element on your face which is absorbed in your skin and become the cause acne.

•    It is a big mistake when you sleep without wash your face after makeup because make up is made with so many such things which are not good for your skin health so wash your face with medicated soap or deep cleansing is also better to save yourselves from acne.

2. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne

•    If you want to make your skin glowing and acne free then daily use the gram flour at night and then massage it for4 to 5 minutes and then wash your face.Don,t use towel of anyone only use tissue paper because the  clog of pores can cause breakout.Don,t wash your face in rubbing manner rather very gently and  with soft hands you can wash your face.

•    Keep your brush clean and wash them every use because when you keep it then many dust and germs are falling on brushes and when you apply makeup then it becomes cause of acne. Use a box which is sealed on the top because when you keep it close then the brushes remain save and your skin also. Botox is also caused the acne because many chemicals are add in that injection.

•    Don’t eat too much junk food because  fast food are unhygienic and so much fats,protiens and grease are included in the junk food so avoid these foods and eat so much salad after eating meal which is good for the skin and your health.

•    If on your face there are much scars of acne then you can use vinegar and lemon juice to remove them.

•    In summer the season of cucumber is here then you should drink cucumber and beetroot juice which is best for your acne skin and if you are feeling itching and allergic on your face then you can use cucumber paste on your face and ice cube is also good to save your skin from rashes and allergy.
5. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne  7. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne 3. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne4. tips and ideas for women to treat with dehydration & acne

Bonus tip:

Drink much water and use sunscreen before going outside .Use vitamin fruits and salad and reduce to eat junk foods. Wash your face before go to sleep and take exercise daily can save you from acne and pimples.


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