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Some Important Ways to Whiten and Moisturize Dull Skin During Winter



Winter is charm for those who find ways in wondering their fashion bluntly but not for those who get frustrated of having skin problems due to the dry and dull winds of winter. These dry winds squeeze your skin moisture and as a result you are affected by different problems in which dullness of skin is at the top of the list. The next thing is sun tanning which attacks quickly to skin but most of the girls bearing this problem move forward towards beauty whitening creams that glow their complexion but due to refilled with harsh chemicals, such creams become reason of inviting more severe problems of acne and many other. If you are tired of being a problematic girl of winter season then staying here can be useful for you because we have managed to collect all possible and positive ways to nurture the skin glowing perfectly. Owning for natural remedies for face skin is the key to get positive expected results and the main thing is no side effects of using such natural skin packs.

•    The first thing to mould your winter daily routine is to apply sun block daily, take the appropriate SPF but prescribed by your doctor and don’t move outside in the sunshine  without applying high quality sun block.
The other remedies are here that will protect your skin to damaging cells, sun tan, dullness and dryness, freckles and for dark complexion.

Milk to moisturize skin in winter:


Raw milk contain calcium, vitamin D, A, protein, lactic acid and magnesium that helps in moisturizing the fully disturbed skin. Milk fades away the wrinkles and lines from face and this is also called a natural moisturizer and cleanser that cleanse out the skin containing all dust and dirt from pores.

•    Take some raw milk and cotton ball too, soak cotton ball in milk and apply on face gently in a way that skin is dipped with milk properly.

•    Now pat it dry and before rinsing the face out a gentle massage with pore of fingers can help for blood circulation. You can also mix the powder of almonds too.

Orange peel face mask:


Orange is full of vitamin c and natural glowing minerals that glow skin during winter, try to eat 2-3 oranges in winter season but collect all the orange peels. Dry them in sunshine and grind in food processor. After grinding these peels, add the egg white and some raw milk into it but you can sprinkle pinch of turmeric too. Mix this face pack well and apply to face after 2 days, on drying gently rub the mask and rinse the face with lukewarm water. This face pack blesses you with fair and glowing skin naturally.

Glycerin and lemon:


Lemon has acetic properties that directly works to lighten up the skin glow, during winter all the skin lose its natural moisture and to nurture the dry skin is very necessary. For this purpose you can make a gentle skin lightening and moisturizing serum at home which is needed;
•    Take one bottle of glycerin and lemons, squeeze the juice and pulp of lemon in a bowl. You need the same quantity of lemon juice as glycerin contains.
•    Mix the juice in glycerin and shake well, rose water is optional if you want to add then put some rose water too. Save this serum for winter days and use this two time a day. You can also apply on legs, hands and feet to sustain the complexion level same.

Other tips for long lasting whitening of skin in winter:

Use moisturizer or cleanser daily that wipe out all the dirt and pollute from skin.
Drink lots of water that hydrate skin rightly and help in retaining blood circulation fast.
Don’t sit most of the time in sunshine that welcomes sun tan to skin and the UV rays affect the skin badly.
Bath in hot water is normal in winter but try to use lukewarm water for face washing.
Eat fruits that are rich with vitamins and minerals and don’t eat junk food that excess oil to skin cells.


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