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Naturally Get Pink Lips by Home Remedies

how to make my lips pink naturally (3)

Natural tips for transform darker lips in soft pink

how to make my lips pink naturally (1) how to make my lips pink naturally (2) how to make my lips pink naturally (3)
Pretty pink soft lips is great desire of everybody particularly for girls & women because this s main attraction of your facial beauty that directly good look for men. But due to some reasons like harsh rough weather, unbalanced diet, smoke drinks, lack of water, excess of cosmetic, and proper care of moisturizer etc we are deprived from natural pinky soft beauty of lips. But now you don’t need to be desperate because here some natural home remedies to get rid from dusky dry lips. Follow it!

?    Lemon  & sugar

1 lemon & sgar 1 lemon for lipe lighter
Lemon has naturally bleaching antiseptic ingredient that’ reason this uses for many skin treatments and here lemon will work for get rid from black lips. Take a thin layer or slice of lemon and sprinkle over it sugar grains and rub it on lips. For best result follow this remedy for few weeks.
?    Beetroot Juice

2 beetroot for lips 2 beetroot juice for soft pink lips
Everybody knows that beetroot has many natural benefits for our health but this also shows effective result for alter dusky lips in to natural pinkish beauty. Simply rub beetroot slices on lips gently or drink juice of beetroot for lovely pink lips. This will show wondrous good effect.
?    Olive oil

3 olive oil for lips lighter
Olive oil is best treatment for nourishment of lips and lively vibrant look. This is easiest but most effectual home remedy for soft pinkish lips. Dip cotton pad or finger in olive oil and regularly apply on lips before going to bed.
?    Rose petals

4 rose for light pink lips
If you want to look your lips like a rose petal then apply rose water & raw milk mixture on lips on daily base because this has three main properties soothing, cooling and moisturizing those are beneficial for get smooth pinkish lips.
?    Glycerin

5 moistourize for lips
This worst effect for our lips is dryness that enlarge dark look of our lips. For this reason, you need glycerin that will natural moisturize your lips and also lighten as well. Take a cotton ball and dip it into glycerin and apply it daily on lips before going to bed and awake in the morning with soft smooth lips.

how to make my lips pink naturally (4)


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