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Ideas to Apply Foundation On Oily Skin


Makeup is the compulsory parts of the women’s personality   they can’t move in the society without make up because make up make their look prominent and the gorgeous .God has made the woman beautiful and creates such things which can give the woman more beauty. Make up is the main thing for the ladies because when you apply it on your face you look so pretty and gorgeous. In the make up the basic thing which we used are the base and the foundation because your foundation should be in correct form.

There are many kinds of skins which the ladies have apparently the skin all of us is same but the tones and the pores are different all of us. White, beige, and the dark color foundations are good for the oily skin .the foundation  which is good for the oily skin are very  few  so if you want to use the foundation according to your skin then stay with us and see  the different  ways of applying the  foundations.

•    First of all when you are going to buy the foundation for your skin  examine your skin  that what is your skin  tone because if you  use the  foundation according to your  face then it remain fresh for long time  and  keep your make up   good for long time

•    Oily skin is a tricky and sensitive skin if you use  too much oily foundation  on your face it can show your look ridiculous apply the foundation in good way  means proper from all the corners and the  features  of your face

•    The skin tone does much matter in applying the foundation because some have white some have black and some have normal color so apply the foundation in the winter but it should be made with the sun block quality because sun  block is compulsory for your skin  otherwise sun can burn your skin.

•    When you are applying the makeup on your skin first use the ice on your skin because it keeps your face cool and your make up remain fresh   take very few drops of foundation on your skin   and manage it in a good way

•    The oily skin is very sensitive so don’t use such foundations and cosmetics which are not well known it can spoil your skin and due to the  spoil base you can indulge in the skin cancer and the  many  skin problems can be faced to  your skin  so branded and the well known foundation should be selected

•    In the summer you can use the wet foundation also because in the summer your skin become oilier so face powder is also good but before the face powder use the foundation and loose powder is best for the oily skin.

•    L’Oreal, Lakme, etude, Revlon etc are very famous among the ladies because these companies have made the all types of bases and foundation you can use it at any time means at night and daytime but when you are going to sleep then wash your face and cleaning your skin with good cleanser and then sleep otherwise the pimples and the acne can damage your skin.

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