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Idea to Make Homemade Sugar Scrub for Dry Skin

6 sugar scrub at home

Get smooth skin by DIY ready sugar scrub

0 homade sugar scrub (3)
It is real fact that: “Sugar is not good for your insides but it is useful for your skin”.
Sugar is most wanted item for kitchen sweetness but here I am going to use these tiny granules to make facial scrub for help to smooth out rough dry body coat. Sugar grains act as exfoliation scrubbing for skin and smoothly relieve your affected dry area like feet, elbows, knees and hands etc. To apply this sugar scrub on dry skin and gently massage for few mints will take wonderful soft result for you.  In the natural remedies this is most effectual treatment for silky soft skin that you can also buy from market by investing money but in the home this made free without any loss of coins because required items for sugar scrub almost available in all kitchen groceries. If you are also interesting natural home remedies to get red special winter dryness then follow these instructions to make DIY sugar scrub that you can make by adding your own choice oil. Here are some diverse varieties to make sugar scrubs at home. Check out their ingredients and mix well and then apply. Image no 0

1 White Sugar & olive oil scrub

1 sugar & olive oil
1 cup of sugar grains
Half cup olive oil
1 tsp cinnamon or vanilla powder  for add scent

2 Brown Sugar scrub with honey for once time

2 homade sugar scrub (2)
1 tsp spoon brown sugar
1 tsp spoon honey

3 Cinnamon sugar scrubs for body

3 sugar scrub
1 small jar of sugar
2 tsp cinnamon powder
Half cup coconut oil

4 Lemon sugar natural scrub

4lemon sugar scrub for facial beauty
1 lemon
Cut it into two pieces
Sprinkle its inner part sugar
Apply dry part of body or exfoliation of skin

5 Sugar & macadamia grains scrub for body

5 homade sugar scrub (6)
Take one cup of brown sugar
Add 2 tsp macadamia powder
Make adhesive its mixture by olive oil
6 sugar scrub at home


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