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How to Remove Henna or Tattoos from Skin

how to remove henna (4)

Henna is liked by every girl and put it on weddings, Eid and Divali. It is extracted from the leaves then turns it into paste in well shaped packing through which different traces are made on skin. Henna is applied in different styles and designs sometimes we need to rub it off speedily and do not know what to do. Don’t worry a lot of method are used to fade it away and you can easily remove these designs by using different ways at home. Hence specific products have not been made for this purpose but home remedies can do well to cure the problem. I will tell you how to remove mehandi on your skin easily. However this cannot be disappeared in applying any method for once but it takes time to naturally fade off.
1. Vinegar
It is the easiest way I have seen in my friend wedding to remove the mehandi on hands. Just dip some cotton in vinegar and rub off the tattoo you will see in some moments it will disappear easily.
2. Lemon and baking soda

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Mix some baking soda in lemon juice and apply this paste on the required area. This can be helpful to resolve the problem.
3. Toothpaste
A renowned remedy of vanishing tattoos from skin that can easily works.
4. Washing work

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If you want to rinse of the stains then do work with water like washing clothes, floor and pots. Dip the henna skin several times in water.
5. Hydrogen peroxide

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Take a cotton ball and dip it into the solution of hydrogen peroxide rubbing out the cotton ball on mehandi you will see it will take only some minutes to be lost.
6. Bleach cream
Use bleach cream to dissolve the henna that is used for face and hands. it will work slowly but completely.
7. Cleansing

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Try cleanser and rub it out on the problem area then use cotton to rub the cleanser hardly. Repeat this method 3 to 4 times in a day and you will see how much effective it is.

how to remove henna (4)


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