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How to Manicure Men Nails at Home

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Well who like men ragged nails and unkempt hands definitely no one. And even according to a research to women, most of the girls notice men hands if these should be cleaned and manicured. Besides in an interview no one like to shake hand with dirt and grime hands so manicure your nails right after two weeks with proper care. Smooth your hands with good type of moisturizing cream or lotion daily that will keep your hands soft and beautiful. But keep one thing in mind never ever apply nail shine paint because it will give a man an artificial look. You can manicure your nails at home easily with following some simple steps that will keep your hands and nail clean with a sophisticated look.
    First take a bowl of hot water not as much you can’t bear. Soak your hands for 15 minutes in that soapy water to have soft cuticles. You may add any type of oil to water like baby oil that can have magical effects to your hands.
    Now dry hands and trim nails with nail clipper don’t go at right from the place skin start that can be painful for you.

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    Buff your cuticles with a buffer.

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    Push the cuticles softly and gently don’t try with hard hands.
    Now shape the nails with a nail filer according to your nail shape. Give sophisticated round shape.
    A moisturizing lotion or cream will be best to apply to penetrate the lotion to skin. You may cover hands with gloves.
    Remove the gloves after some time and have smooth hands.

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Daily massage your hands and feet with olive oil at night, that will sooth the skin and best way to get rid of dried skin of hands.



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