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How to Make the Lips Bigger and Fuller Naturally

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Well there is no way to make your thin lips fuller and bigger but with some exercises, tips and tricks you can make you lips look like big. Every girl like voluptuous lips that may be reddish or pink with sexy look but everyone is not blessed with the natural beautiful big. Don’t worry this is not a big problem right now I will tell you about the cures you can tackle your problem easily and trickily. Fullers’ lips are said to resemble with rose petals, soft and lavish. Guys I am going to narrate different methods of making your pout stunningly bigger.

1. Botox and injections
One way to make your pout bigger is Botox or injection filling that enhance your lips readily with proper sexy shape. But this method is very costly and painful that’s why it is asked to not have because of the side effects.
2. Hydrate your lips
To keep your lips beautiful and fuller hydrate yourself with the proper quantity of water. Maximum 8 glasses are required for a human to circulate the blood. And don’t wet your lips with tongue as it causes to less the natural oil of lips.
3. Exfoliate the lips
Exfoliate your lips when brush your teeth, brush the lips too that let your lips to swell and peel off the dried dead layer of skin. But keep it in mind don’t overdo exfoliate the lips.
4. Make the lips fuller with makeup

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Well this method do not have lasting result as it is for timely but you can make your lips look like bigger for some hours. Always apply same shade of gloss to the lip natural line with proper shape after applying the lipstick to whole lips. Use light shade inside the lips and darker at the rest.
5. Home remedies

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Always massage olive oil at night for some minutes. Take some apple seeds and grind it, mix it in milk and apply to lips. You can’t imagine this remedy turn the lip color into red from brown. Milk and saffron paste is also fabulous for enhancing lips natural beauty.
6. Lips enhancer tools

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There are lips enhancer tools available in markets that can too work.
7. Exercising
I had small thin lips at childhood and now people stun after looking my big lips. It is because I was used to shape my lips in exercising form. Exercise can too have fruitful effects. Change your lips in kissing shape and try this 5 times a day. Likewise you can search out tutorial websites where experts tell you different lip exercises.

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