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How to Get the Fair Skin Tone in 7 Days:

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Everyone wants to get the fair skin by born. But in Asian people, most of guys are having the black & brown tone face color by natural. There are some cosmetically surgeries and medicines which are help to turn your skin in fair tone but they are harmful and leave side effects in human body. Natural homemade remedies are the best remedies for getting the fair skin. When someone is going to an event and wished to get the fair skin soon than I suggested some rapidly affected natural homemade remedies for getting the fair skin in one week. Let’s have a look to these tips as below:

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1.    Apple Cream, Orange juice, Tomato Juice & Papaya:
You can apply the Apple mash cream, orange juice, tomato juice & papaya mash face mask for getting the fair skin in sort time. All these fruits are having the rich doze of Vitamin C & works as t6he natural bleaching extracts. Just apply these fruits mash cream on your skin for half an hour and find the fair skin tone in short time.
2.    Cucumber, Lemon, Aloe Vera & potatoes:
You can also apply the cucumber, lemon, Aloe Vera & potatoes face mask on your skin for getting the fair skin. Apply one of these fresh item on your skin for half an hour & getting the fair skin. This act is repeated again & again in these 7 days.
3.    Curd, Turmeric, Glycerin & Strawberry Fairness Scrub:
Curd massage is also very healthful for your skin. You can also apply the turmeric face pack & glycerin on your face & getting the best results on your skin. Besides these strawberry fruit is considered the natural scrubs & it the best face freshener also. Apply all these items for half an hour & getting fair skin tone.
4.    Almond oil, walnut oil, rose water & goat Milk:
You can also apply the Omega 3 fatty acids contain natural products as almond oil & walnut oil on skin. Massage this oil on skin & find the glowing skin in short time. Also shower your face with rose water in night & you can also give the massage of goat milk for half an hour.
5.    Drink plenty of water & Get enough sleep:
Besides al these top remedies, it is very necessary for looking active & fresh. For this, you must take care of yourself and drinking 12 to 14 glasses water in a day & also pay attention on your maximum sleep. All these are remedies are immediately affected on your fair skin tone in 7 days.

1 how to become fair (2)


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