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How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs On Neck

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Ingrown hairs can diminish all the grace of a person and can ruin your confidence. No one would ever like to have ingrown hairs and especially for women this condition is worse than anything else. Ingrown hairs can sprung up from particular parts of shaving as beard of men and the areas of women where they do shave.

When hair follicles become blocked with dead skin cells then ingrown hairs start producing. These ingrown hairs look like pimples filled with puss having a hair trapped beneath the skin. Any kind of scratching, squeezing or picking can let the bacteria enter the skin making infection on the skin.

If you want to take preliminary step to stop any kind of ingrown hairs then follow the following tips for shaving:


•    For shaving always use sharp single-bladed razor
•    You must shave in the direction in which the hairs are growing
•    Use warm water to wet the skin and use gel
•    After every strokes must rinse the razor
•    This is suggested to not to shave too closely of the skin as open pores of shaved skin allow the bacteria to enter

This is preferable to use creams or other things for removing hairs from legs and parts of body for women to make the chances of facing ingrown hairs less. But once if you develop ingrown hairs on neck follow the given steps in order to get rid of them:

First step:

To remove the ingrown portion of the hairs use a tweezers or any needle to pick that out of skin. Then wash the area with alcohol to avoid any kind of infection.

2nd step:

Give a massage to papule using tooth brush gently. Use a soft bristled tooth brush for massaging the neck and release the tips that are growing in the skin. Thus when the hair is no longer growing in the skin then the inflammation will also dissipate.

3rd step:

Some of the prescribed topical medications are retinoid, corticosteroids and glycolic acids and you can apply these medications directly on papules.  These are suggested by American Osteopathic College of dermatology. These will help in killing bacteria, removing dead skin and reducing inflammation.
Things you can do after you have ingrown hairs on neck are described here:

Compress the ingrown hairs warmly:

When you see embedded hair in the skin, then use warm compress to soft the hair and to get rid of irritation. Doing this of compressing the in grown hair with warm for few minutes will make the red bump disappear.

The other remedies for ingrown hairs are Aloevera gel, lemon juice, hydrocortisone cream, Tea tree oil, White tea and witch hazel can be used to remove razor bumps that are caused due to ingrown hairs. Regular exfoliation will help to stop further growth of ingrown hairs.

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