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How to Get Rid from Sun Tan with One Day Home Remedies:

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It is a naturally made by the skin tan on human body. A skin tan is that scar which is made with the reaction of UV rays from sun to the human body. These sun tans are made when we take sun bath without applying sun block cream. These sun tans are become red & may be it burns & rashes badly. If unfortunately, you are having the sun tans than immediately pick up one of them below homemade remedies for ridding the sun tans. Let’s have a look to these homemade useful remedies & find cure in just one day:

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•    Coconut Water, Tomato Juice, Yogurt & Orange juice:
It is very important to apply some remedy after getting sun tan. You can apply the coconut water, tomato juice & orange juice on the affected sun tan skin. All these are full of vitamins which getting you a rapidly relief from sun tans. You can also apply the yogurt on affected sun tan area and leave it for half an hour and after wash with cool water and get rid from san tans.
•    Cucumber, Lemon and Honey & Aloe Vera gel:
You can also apply the cucumber slices & lemon with honey mask on the affected sun tan areas for half an hour. It will give you relief from sun tans. Besides this you can also apply the cool extracts Aloe Vera gel on the affected area for half an hour & get relief from sun tans.
•    Milk, Gram Flour, Rose Water &Turmeric Face Pack:
You can also apply the milk with gram flour pest mask on your sun tans for ridding. Beside this turmeric powder with rose water is also very beneficial for remove sun tans from skin. You must apply these face packs on face for half an hour & wash it with simple water.
•    Oat Meal, Butter Milk & Milk Powder face mask:
Sun tans are giving very bad impression to other therefore another face mask is also for this. You can apply the oat meal with butter milk & milk powder face mask on sun tan affected skin for half an hour & after this washed it with simple water.
•    Almond Oil Face pack & Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) face mask:
You can also apply the fatty acids extracts almond oil on the affected area of sun tan. Besides this fuller’s earth face mask is also very useful for the sun tan scars removal. All these are the best cheap homemade remedies for get removal of sun tans from skin in one day.

how to remove the sun tan (2) how to remove the sun tan (3) how to remove the sun tan


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