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How To Gain Glowing Skin In Summer

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In summer your skin can become more prone to acne and scratches especially the oily skin. Every skin needs protections and treatments to look neat and clean. Your unclean face will demolish all your grace and a face with pimples look no more attractive.

Once if you got pimples on face it will take long time period to get rid of the scars that they leave behind. Be vigilant about the care of your skin from now as the summer is on its rise. Your neat and clean skin contributes a lot to the freshness of your face and you will have more confidence with your neat and clean skin. Some tips are here to follow to retain the glow of skin in summer:

Increase the quantity of water intake:

In summer you must increase the quantity of water intake. With hot season your face gets perspired and thus there is the possibility of shortage of water in body. The more you drink water the more you will have glowing skin. Make 8-10 glass of water must for you and keep your body hydrated.

Avoid the sun:

From 10 am to 3 pm the sun is considered most damaging for the skin so stay indoors at this time. Avoid the exposure of sun and also stay away from harmful effects of UV rays. If you need to go outside for an important work make it essential to apply sun screen lotion.

Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliation will not let the dead skin cells stay on the skin but that will remove them. New cells will give glowing skin to you making your skin look fresh. The easiest way of exfoliation is by using egg whitening and apply that on skin. After leaving for some time when it becomes dry wash your face. Within a few minutes you can get rid of dead skin cells.

Scrub of honey and sugar:

You can make your own scrub at home mixing honey and sugar. Apply this scrub on face and after a few minutes wash your face. This scrub is natural and good for the exfoliation of the skin. This scrub will not only exfoliate your skin but it will also moisturize your skin.

Eat fruits and drink juices:

All fruits of summer are very good and healthy for glowing skin. Make juices of fresh fruits and these juices will help in making the skin glow and stay hydrated.

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