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Homemade Remedies for Natural Skin Lightening:

11drinking water

Girls are very beauty conscious and wanted to get a glowing and fair skin forever. Chemical extracts beauty treatments gives the harmful side effects on skin. It may be rashes on skin or give the dryness or dullness to your skin. The best way is to use only natural extracts products for skin lighting. It’s not only gives you a fair skin but also glow, softer and healthy skin and also protect your skin from wrinkles. Homemade and cheap cost remedies are the best face masks for you for skin lightening. Here we have some homemade tips for you for skin lightens naturally. Let’s have a look to these remedies as:

1.    Lemons for skin lightening:

1lemon for faceLemon is considering the best face mask for lighting skin. It having the citric acids which works as the naturally bleaching to the skin and skin become glowing and lighting after using the mask of lemon juice.

2.    Yogurt face mask for skin lightening:

2yogurt homemade face mask

Yogurt or curd is also one of the best remedy for lighting skin. It also having the citric acid extracts that’s way its massage to face is giving you a lighten skin. Take some curd and massage on face for 15, 20 minutes and wash your skin with water and get fair skin in minimum time.

3.    Honey face mask for lighten skin:

3honey face mask

Honey is also a great product gifted by God to us. It is having the natural extracts for glowing and lighting skin. Applying the lemon face mask on half an hour and after this wash your face with simple water and gets the beautiful glowing and shinning fair skin.

4.    Aloe Vera Gel for skin lightens:

4aloe vera gel face mask

Aloe Vera gel is also having the natural extract for fair skin and also beneficial for shinning hair. Get some Aloe Vera gel from plant and apply the Aloe Vera gel on your skin frequently and leave it for half an hour and after this wash your skin with water and gets the lighting skin in short time.

5.    Orange peels face mask:

5orange face mask

Oranges are also having the citric acids and work on the faces as natural bleaching. Its also called the natural color cut product. You can apply the orange juice on the face as face pack and also apply the orange peel powder face mask for glowing and lighting the skin.

6.    Tomato pulp face mask

6tomato face mask

Tomato is also having the citric extracts and use to get the fair skin. Tomato pulp is the best face mask for the acne skin. Apply the tomato pulp on the face for some time and wash it with simple water and getting the fair and glowing skin in short time.

7.    Gram Flour face mask for lighten skin:

7gram flour face mask

Gram flour face mask is considered the best mask for oily skin. Gram flour face mask is help to remove the extra oil extract from the skin and help to bring the skin to the fair from dullness. Apply the gram flour face mask and wash your face after dry and getting the fresh and glowing fair skin.

8.    Almond Oil for Skin Lightening:

8almond oil for skin

Almond oil is having the natural remedy for remove the wrinkles from face. Its help to keep nourished your skin for long time. Apply some almond oil on skin and massage it on face with finger tips and after 15 minutes later wash your face with simple water and get fair skin for long time.

9.    Turmeric face mask for skin lightens:

9turmeric face mask

Turmeric powder is also having the natural nourishment extracts for lighting skin. Apply the turmeric powder mix with rose water on face and first keep it as mask on face and after 10 minutes massage your face slowly and then wash your face with simple water and gets the lighten skin with glow.

10.    Milk for Skin Lightening:

10milk for face

Milk is having the citric acid extracts in it that’s way it is also considered the skin lighting face mask. Using the milk on face and massage with finger tips on face and after 20 minutes wash your face with simple water and you find the glow, fresh and lighting skin in very short time.

11.    Drinking pure water for skin lightens:

11drinking water

For getting the fair skin naturally then must drink the required water in per day. You must drink 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day for getting the fair skin naturally. It will also help to keep skin fresh, glowing and oil free naturally.


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