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Face shining tips in summer

0+ Face shining tips in summer

How to make my skin glowing in summer

0. Face shining tips in summer

In the summer when everybody  in the bad mood because in many countries  the   summer and sun burn is too much and people become  like faint and  dull .now a day when the summer season is on its peak   the sunburn is very  dangerous for our skin  in summer so many fruits arte such  which are good in taste where  we talk about the summer  where summer also requires the  attention  which make your skin healthy and shining .the sun  rays and the UV rays are very harmful for our skin .in the summer  the skin of us become so ugly  and rough and this harsh weather leave the tan on our faces which is not an easy task to remover from the skin  because there is too much sweating which become the cause of   clog  your skin pores  due to the excessive of the dust ,grime and pollution. The ladies who are already conscious for their beauty they become very upset due to   their dull and boring skin then  try different things and face pack which are good for the skin shining then they should not go  with these face packs which are available in market  rather I have some homemade   things which can make your skin glowing.
0+ Face shining tips in summer

1.    Water and juices:

First of all in summer   increase the habit of drinking water and   drink water 10 to 12 glass daily and the fresh fruit juice must include in your diet because it is good for your health and the skin. In summer strawberry, mango shake, plum juice, peach and many fruits  which can be use   for your skin glowing. Water is a great thing   to   remove the excessive of dust from  your skin.

2.    Banana and milk:

2. Face shining tips in summer

2+ Face shining tips in summer

Milk and banana are very useful for health because there are so many vitamins and the nutrients in the banana and milk is full of iron and calcium when you apply it on your face then it look so fresh in the summer. Take one banana and add unboiled milk in the egg and grind it not add water rather thick layer apply on your face and keep it for 20 to 25 minute.

3.    Cucumber and yogurt:

3. Face shining tips in summer

Yogurt is the best thing for the summer and it is fact that green vegetables is good for health in weight losing it help you   because it is best diet   for the weight losing  make a paste   of cucumber and yogurt  and apply it  on your skin after come back at home because it is very cool and  give a smoothed skin.

4.    Rose water:

4. Face shining tips in summer

Rose water is   a good tonic for the summer at the place f water wash your face with it because it keep your skin fresh and healthy and it’s fragrance is also very enchanting.

5.    Papaya and lemon:

5. Face shining tips in summer

In the summer mostly women are worried due to the pimples and the spots on their faces and their skin become tan and complexion become dark and dull so for your good skin use papaya and the lemon because lemon is a natural bleach and when you use it with papaya then you look more fresh and the dry skin people can use honey and the egg white with papaya and lemon because they have need something wet and oily then this face pack is great for your skin.

6. Coconut water and the cucumber:

6. Face shining tips in summer

6+ Face shining tips in summer

Many people decided to go out   on beach and sea side to enjoy the weather of the seashores where  the coconut water  is available because in summer raw coconut water is  good for  our stomach  and it is natural  pinacolada  so  the benefit of the coconut water is  many more. Take some coconut water and a cucumber and blend it when it  become a thick   blend then apply it on your face you will really see your skin is fresh.

7.     Milk cream:

7. Face shining tips in summer

7+ Face shining tips in summer

Milk cream is a best lotion whether it is summer or it winter you can apply it when you buy milk  then separate the  unboiled  cream in a bowl and add some  rose petal and keep it in your fridge when it become cool then apply it on your face and work it whole  night  in the morning wash your face   with lukewarm water .


use sunscreen   and sun block before going outside try to avoid to go outside  in the day time because at that time the  sun is  full brighten and wear full sleeves dress and use hat with the sun glasses and  avoid from the direct sun rays  and keep a water cane in your bag because you should  drink water in the day time in a plenty


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