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Effective & Useful Home Remedies for Removing Dark Circles

0 Get Rid Of dark circles under eye homemade Remedy

Worried Due to Dark Circles Under Eyes-Try these Home Remedies:

Dark circles are great problem in your beauty. Dark circles make you look like a patient. These give a ghostly look to your eyes. You look quite weak due to under eye circles. Mostly, dark circles occurs due to lack of sleep, due to tension & stress, excessive smocking & drinking alcohol, women usually face this problem during pregnancy & after giving birth to a kid, another important cause of dark circles is the deficiency of proper diet. You cannot look best without removing dark circles. Most of the products are made for removing dark circles but these based on chemicals that are sometimes very harmful for your skin. So, I think it is better for you if you will go with natural home remedies. So, read the following points & try!

0 Get Rid Of dark circles under eye homemade Remedy

1)    First of all milk is best to get rid from dark circles. Take a cotton pad. Dip it in cold milk & apply it on eyes & then once again dip in milk & set these cotton pads on close eyes for about 15 min. repeat it daily. After some weeks you will see the magical results. Rinse with water after 20 min & apply skin softening cream.
2)    Cucumber also contains on cooling properties that’s why it is helpful for puffing eyes. You can extract cucumber juice then take cotton pad, dip it in juice & apply this juice on eyes & under eyes circles. Rinse with water after 15 min & moisturize your skin.
3)    You can also use cucumber juice & lemon juice in equal quantities mixture for removing dark circles.
4)    Take corn flour & mix it with yogurt. Make a paste & apply this paste on dark circle area. Leave it for about 15 min then wash. Daily usage can give you positive result.
5)    Another effective tip is the use of Orange juice. Mix orange juice with glycerin. Apply it on under eye area. Leave it for about 20 to 30 min & then wash. It will add natural glow & helps to diminish the dark circles.
6)    Try used but cold tea bags for decreasing dark circles. Keep cold tea bags on eyes for about 15 to 20 min.
7)    Try cold spoons compress on eyes.
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8)    Take crushed Night Jasmine & mix it with curd. Apply this paste on eyes & see its beneficial results.
9)    Try Rose water but after applying it there is no need to rinse it with water.
10)    Drink plenty of water so that it can hydrate your body from inside.
11)    Try a gentle massage with almond oil & massage before sleeping.
12)    Turmeric powder with rose water is best for removing dark circles. Do this daily & get effective results soon.
13)    Potato & tomato contain on bleaching properties. So, use the juice or slices of these items to remove dark circles.
14)    Avoid rubbing your eyes, avoid stress & depression, make your hectic lifestyle easy & full of pleasure & try yoga. If dark circles are due to diet deficiency then take proper & balanced diet. If due to lack of sleep then take full sleep.
15)    You can also use makeup for removing dark circles instantly when getting ready for a party.
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