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The Best way of Sharpen Scissors at Home

easy way of sharpen scissor with machine

I really hate to cut out things with a dull scissors damn it! I always want a sharp scissor with fast edges that work best in cutting fabric, paper and other things. Its natural a scissor turns into dull after a long time you have to renew it by sharpening the edges. In Pakistan the easiest way of sharpening scissors is just to go to a shop where a type of machine is available that smooth and turns the scissor into new like only in some minutes. My mother always takes services of that shop. But if you want to make the scissors sharp at home don’t worry there are some easy method that work even in some time and you can get rid of the dull scissor becoming a big problem in cutting out different things. Some people don’t know of the methods and go for shop new piece of scissor you not need to buy new one try these beneficial strategies and have a good cutting.

1. Aluminum foil

easy way of sharpen scissor with machine
Aluminum foil is helpful in sharpening the scissors just take foil and fold it into many layers. When a strong folding is ready cut the long thin stripes almost 15-20 times. Look if you need more stripes to cut and scissor is not going sharp. It works well you will see the sharp edges of scissor. Clean the edges with towel because there may remain the aluminum particles around the scissor.
2. Sandpaper

aluminum foil to sharp scissor at home 1.
Sand paper is available in market and it’s up to the need of the scissor whether it is very dull or need only some strokes. Cut out the strong sandpaper with your scissor until its edges turn into sharp one. You will see it will not only sharp but smooth also.
3. Sharpening stone

sharpening stone for scissors 3
Sharpening stone can buy from any hardware shop. It has two sides with fine and coarse sides. Its up to the scissor while it is dull or need only some time to sharp. Lay down the stone and lubricate it with water or oil start from the coarse side and end it on fine side. Separate both blades of scissor to sharp them well. Pull the blade to your side and take it to other repeat this doing for some time when the blades are at its best sharpening point.

sandpaper for sharpening scissors 2


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