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Ideas to Renovate Old Shoes into New Stylish Look

3 mod podge pasted shimmer high heel shoes

Terrific 5 ideas to revamp old shoes in trendy vogues

You have learnt many tricks to modernize your old clothes into latest classy creation & except these artistic ideas to transform useless articles in functional condition. These both are familiar innovations on creative designing locate those come into numerous inspiring formations by DIY processing pattern but today, I am going to update your imaginative thoughts via fantastic classy ways to modify old shoes in new cool & trendy vogues. You will be surprising that how you can turn old boring pair of feet wear into elegant innovative look but it is really interesting & creative fun to spend leisure time in modernize creation.
Here are five most inspiring & fabulous sophisticated techniques to makeover old or simple shoes in fancy & appealing look. These DIY renovate methods are easiest in process   but you should be clear about its exact way & be careful during use paint, gum, dye colors or other chemical fluids because these are risky substances those can leave wrong effect on your modernize invention. If you find single hue patent pumps in market and want to get dual contrasted shoe then you can add one more color in your shoe by acted upon these creative paint scheme and moreover you can dress up your simple shoe by shimmery splendor & brooch decoration at home. Now a day, decoupage paper trimming on feet wear is also popular homemade task that fully change your shoe in modern design. Take a look and get creative ideas to turn your old shoes in current classy vogues.

1.    Cap toe DIY painted pumps for formal wear

1 best paint decorated DIY decorated pumps

Look at this elegant creative adorned high heel pumps those were in sheer black appearance and smoothly transformed in yellow cap toe endearing look. You need just masking tape, yellow and white oil paint tubes to follow this gorgeous DIY pattern. You can alter yellow color with pink, green, golden or red tints to add funky classy grace.

2.    Best way to décor black shoe by floral decoupage

2 decoupage floral decorated DIY shoe

This is easiest but magnificent classy way to adorn simple black kitten wedge heel shoe by pinkish floral decoupage. This is cut out pasting art decoration paper that you can easily adorn up by arbitrary pattern at home. This is best spring flowery DIY shoe that you can wear with jeans pant or skirt outfits. Matching shade or pattern handbag can enhance your appealing glance.

3.    DIY shimmery decorated high heel fancy shoes

3 mod podge pasted shimmer high heel shoes

Wao! This is easiest & most flattering way to turn your simple white leather pumps in flashy red shimmery shoes. Get best mod podge sealer & red shimmer then apply mod podge on entire shoe with sponge stick & sprinkle red shimmer over it. Fill its inner part with rough cloth & then all-over from toe to heel covered with shimmer. Leave it for dry & then enjoy night party functions with awesome classy DIY decorated shoes.

4.    Exceptional brooch decorated DIY shoes for girls

4 simple way to adorn old shoe with brooch

In this current feet wear fashion, high heel patent pumps are high-flying in young girls’ shoe closet those are really gorgeous for street fashion but if you are going to attend wedding ceremony or festival gathering then decorated shoe is crucial to exude perfect dramatic beauty. These fancy rhinestones trimmed golden metallic brooch & colorful crystal stones ornament pin are outstanding fashion accessory to décor your simple shoes. Join brooch back pin robustly with the gun & adorn simple shoe by fancy brooch to add glorious charm.

5.    Dip dyed yellow canvas sneakers for girls

5 Home colored canvas for girls

If you are bored from your white running canvas & want to color these in bright shade then here is superb idea for you. Entire process to dye this shoe is shared below.
1.    Needed objects
•    Pair of white sneakers
•    Color powder according your choice
•    Huge bowl
•    Hand gloves for protection
•    Salt
•    Petroleum jelly
•    Cloth

2.    Start to dye white sneakers

Completely wet your shoes & then dry the edges of sole. Apply thick layer of petroleum jelly on sole which you don’t want to color. Put rough papers in the shoe & fill bowl with warm water. Now dissolve color which you selected and 5 table spoons of salt. Terrifically stir it & dip pair of sneakers in this water & continue to stir spoon in water. Approximately dip your shoes in water for 15 mints. Now remove papers & then hang it in the air for arid.


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