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Ways to Improve your Family Relationship



A family is all about care. It generally consists of people who care about each other. Improving family relationships lay foundation of affection, love, respect and trust.  It also comes with facing all the twists and turns of life altogether. Some of us have got so wrapped in our busy lives that we neglect our loved ones.

Here are some tips to invigorating your family relationships


Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. It is a key to improve family relationships. All the issues and problems should be discusses so that nothing should remain unsaid and could create confusion.  Family communication plays a very important role in the health of family relationship. Allow all the members of your family to share their feelings, thoughts and ideas.

For a perfect communication system, follow the given points and make your family relationships stronger:

  • Express love, affection, encouragement and appreciation through actions as well as words.
  • Share and let others share all kinds of feelings.
  • Talk with love and patience and understand each other.
  • Don’t criticize each other rather praise for good things any of the family member does/did.
  • Listen with full concentration to each other.
  • Work together to understand and solve the problems of each other.

Praise the Good:

This is human nature that we take the significant people in our lives for granted. We often think positive things about people in our surroundings but we never say. Acknowledgement is necessary but we don’t bother to acknowledge. If you do, it makes the other person feel that he/she is special and possesses some significant position in your life.

Be friendly:

Being friendly also plays a very important role among all the relationships. Doing things together and enjoying the activities makes them convenient and bring the members of the family closer. It promotes the emotional bonding among family members.

Listen attentively:

Listening attentively brings your loved ones closer to you. Learn to listen carefully. Leave the activity, whatever you are doing at the time when your family member is speaking to you and try to understanding the message they are trying to convey.

Be and stay Trustworthy:

A very essential and most important element of every relationship is trust. Trust your family members and be trustworthy for them. Always be factual to them and always keep your promises. Confidence should be maintained so as to encourage trust among your family members.

Appreciate each other:

Another essential ingredient in a family relationship is appreciation which enhances the confidence of the members and allows them to be more open to other members. You should take much interest in the life of each other. While talking about the affairs of whole day, include all of your family members. Support and encourage each other. Highlight good deeds of others so that they may become motivated towards making more such acts.

Join hands with each other:

You should always work together for creating a helping atmosphere. Construct some useful family rules which must be applied on everyone. Listen your children while taking any decision, make them feel that they are also integral part of the family. Let them take some of their own decisions. Share household responsibilities.

Show kindness:

Small acts of kindness are of great importance; practice them all the way out. Make your dear ones feel loved even when you don’t feel like it.

Spend time with each other:

To build strong family relations, you should spend quality time very often with all of your family members. It has been concluded in studies that quality as well as quantity matters. Making family relationships ideal require a lot of time and effort. You should spend time together more often such as at the times of meal. One-to-one chat strengthens individual relationship.

In order to spend quality time together, family members can share

  • Special events when they have a holiday or birthdays etc
  • Academic activities
  • Walking, jogging etc
  • Outdoor sports
  • Picnic
  • Camping
  • Indoor games, such as table games
  • Movies
  • Religious activities


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