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Signs of Recognizing You are in Unhealthy & Flawed Relationship with Other Person

How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship (5)

How to Identify that I am in Erroneous Relationship with Someone?

Relationship is like a thread, if you pull it more tightly then it will break & you keep it with great care then it will become strong with the passage of time. I think in this age of modernism the materialism is getting more powerful. The unhealthy, wrong & bad relationships are seen everywhere. Some people have bad relationship with mother, father, friends, siblings, wife, husband, cousins or colleagues etc but they fails to recognize it. It’s the right time to have a look at your relationship & recognize whether you are in a bad relationship with other person or not. Today, I am going to tell you some sings of bad relationship. So, read these points carefully & identify!

0 How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship

1)    When your partner, brother, or sister, mother make all decision separately & don’t like to consult you.
2)    When the other person (he may be your husband, she may be your wife, he may be your father, she may be your mother, friends, brother or sister) is not giving emotional support.
How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship   (1)

3)    When he/she attends parties & function separately & never like to take you with him/her.
4)    When there is too much screaming with each other on little issues.
5)    Less communication, low texting, less meetings, low calling etc.
6)    when he/she tease you or laugh at you due to your voice or facial features, figure, height, weight, skin tone or other natural flaws of your personality.
7)    When someone taunts you.
8)    When they starts blame game with you.
9)    When your partner try to overcome you, he/she try to control your time, your clothing, restrict your outside visits or implies social isolation on you, he/she tries to cut you off your meeting with your close & best friends & family members etc.
10)    When does not respect you & your answer, onions etc.

How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship (1)

11)    When the other person does not take care of your emotion for example if you say him/her that you are feeling very frightened due to rash driving but he never slow downs, when you say that you want to sleep but the light is irritating you but the other person never turns off the light, when you say that you are unwell to wash his/her clothes but he/she still want washed clothes at the same time & never care about your sickness.
How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship (2)

12)    When the other person feel jealous on your success.
13)    Lack of trust & checking your mobile phones & reading emails secretly etc.
How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship (3)

14)     When he/she arrives home late at night & never tells you the right reason of staying outside for long hours.
15)    Starts lots of complains about you.
16)    When someone never ever compromised.
17)    When someone gives more value to his/her own personality & not to you.
18)    Cheating.
19)    Disputes on little talks.
20)    Violence.
21)    Make threats.
22)    Insults you before your friends & family members on little mistakes that are neglect-able.
23)    When someone focuses on changing you rather than changing herself/himself.
24)    Indulgence in Bad Habits such as smoking & drinking because these habits are signs of bad relationship. When a man or woman never seeks comfort in relationship then they move towards drinking & smoking.
25)    His/her immature behaviors towards life.
How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship (4)

I think you should be recognize the relationship type whether it is good, moderate or bad or worse & then be proactive about your relationship by solving the issues which are making your relationship bad & by discussion because discussion always solve the problem. Try to make a note, write all point & signs that helps you to discover a dire relationship & then resolve these. Try to bring a change in yourself. Compromise or adjust. Relationship is like an empty box when you put something in it then you will get something from it.
How to Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship (5)


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