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How to Increase self Confidence in Teenagers


In teenage children need more attention because of physical changes and the level of emotions rapidly growing. In this age everyone seems our enemy and not understanding us well. That’s why parents have to be more attentive to them by creating healthy treatment to them so that they may sustain their self esteem or self confidence by enjoying this period of life. Teenagers need time that parents can give them and raise their self confidence. Teenage is very hard and most of the time they do angry with everyone if they do not have proper guidance this causes low confidence and they are not able to spend a normal life.

•    The relationship between parents and children matters a lot. First you have to be friends with your child so that he may good feel and relax to him.
•    The worst mistakes parents do most of the time criticize teenagers with harsh words. This is the wrong attitude towards them.
•    Criticize constructively with the suggestions and motivation. A little sentence of motivation can take a positive change in teenagers.
•    Be generous with praise. Praise their good acts and things they do. Mostly children remember praising words and these words can high up the level of confidence.
It is seen the bad relation between parents and fights between them can affect their mind badly. This very thing is also a cause of low confidence in teenagers even they start to feel bad about their self and most of the time busy in feeling negative that’s why their abilities and qualities demolish; they become a sign of failure.

•    Set up personal grudges for the welfare and healthy future of your child.
•    Turn the negativity of child into positivity by giving proper guidance.
•    Daily talk session to child can help you to find what he is feeling difficult in and what the possibilities you can provide him are.
•    Talk to child also raises self esteem and self satisfaction in teenager.

Teenagers are full of suggestions and decisions. Try to take their suggestion in different matters about home setting and any other kind of issue with asking that how do you think about room setting in some further changes? This will feel them good by giving importance and even a source of raising their level of thinking.

•    Give them importance in different matters.
•    Guide their thinking by giving them suggestions.
•    Lead their thinking level to always think and do positive.
•    Urge them taking part in fruitful activities like helping others and be a volunteer.
•    Don’t impose your thinking on teenagers try to listen them and find out what they really want.
Most of the parents do worst thing in a way enforcing their child in profession they do not have interest. Try to know the child’s capability and in what profession they want to join. Sometimes children feel not better looking at the other children doing something they are not perfect in, make them realize if you are not good in music then you are good in cricket you can even more be good by practicing daily and this your quality.

•    Encourage children to boost up their energy.
•    Daily exercise can also help them to be fit and feel good at their self.
•    Assigning work will create a sense of responsibility in teenagers and they feel happy in accomplishing.
•    Always tell something in clear way don’t be voguish.
•    Be yourself is the optimistic attitude towards life. Help the children in making them realize they are not inferior to anybody they have their own persona and that is good.
•    Help them in the concept of perfection because everything is not perfect but you can try to make better.
•    Explore their talents with praise and motivate sentences so that they feel relax about themselves and be a confident person.
•    Set out their grudges and be a neutral person by telling them where they are at fault and what should they do.
Lastly learn them to express feelings otherwise they develop a habit of not telling something and this is very dangerous for health, mind and to raise confidence. Be friends with them more of Hitler parents who always have ego and create distance between child which causes an unhealthy and complex minded child.
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