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How to Improve Self Confidence of Kids with Easy Tips

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Ways to boost up or Build Self Confidence in Kids:

Some parents want to Increase self confidence in their kids. Parents want to bring up their kids in such a way that their kids will become a confident person. They want to know those ways that can help them to raise confidence in their kids. So today, I am here with a detailed post that will tell you how you can enhance self confidence in kids. it is an obvious fact that confidence is like key or passport to spend happy life, to move successfully in society & for socializing. It is the foundation of an impressive personality. So, it must be developed in kids. Let’s take a look at the ways that can develop confidence in kids.

1.    You are like a mirror for your kids. If you are confident & bold then your kids will also be confident. If you are coward then of course your kid will also be. So, always be brave, strong & confident before your kids.

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2.    I think parent should not quarrel with each other before their kids or before their kid’s friends. If they have an issue with each other then they should try to resolve in a close room. Because open quarrels can make your kids to feel ashamed & in this way he/she will starts to lose confidence.
3.    Give different responsibilities to the kids. In this way, a habit of fulfilling responsibilities will be developed in kids. Next Time, they will never hesitate to take on any responsibility.
4.    Try to keep your eye on Relatives, your kids’ coaches, school teachers, religious teachers & other people behavior towards your kids because all these have a great influence in order to improve or ruin a kid’s personality. If someone is behaving very badly with your kid then point him/her out & request him/her to behave gently with kid. If the other person never brings change in behavior then you can change the teacher (in case of teacher) & you can avoid meetings with such relatives (in case of bad behavior).
5.    Be realistic & think positively (because kids learn from parents), when parents will show positive thinking & realistic behavior towards life then their kid will also become an optimistic child with realistic thinking about life.
6.    Help him/her to learn discipline & to follow basic rules of life such as welcoming towards guests, when some ask for help then helping others, respecting elders, loving juniors, caring, don’t fight with other etc.
7.    Play with your child it will tell your kids how much he/she is valuable for you. It will ultimately develop confident in him/her. Playing with kids is like an investment to raise a confident child.
8.    Listen your kids talks careful & attentively. In this way your kid will feel very good.  An understanding will be developed to both of you. Discussion will help you to know about your kid likes & dislikes.

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9.    Let your kids to take a decision when choose clothes, room colors, footwear etc. it is a good technique for developing self-confidence & for developing decision making habit.
10.    Make your child to feel special by arranging parties on her/his birthday as well as on good examination marks & on other special events. Exchange gifts also.
11.    Don’t over praise your kids.
12.    Try to create a Kid Friendly environment in Home.
13.    Help him/her to learn different skills. In this way, his/her personality will become versatile & he/she will never ever hesitate from doing different tasks because he/she has lots of skills in his pocket.
14.    Don’t compare your kids with others because it can make them stubborn & willful.

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15.    The tasks, in which your kids show their interest, let them to take on these tasks. They will learn after experience.
16.    Encourage the child to express the feelings. A kid who expresses his/her feelings is considered more confident than who is never expressive.
17.    Profusion in eye contact, touching & attention from parents side makes their kids more self confident.
18.    Make your child to feel that you love him/her regardless his/her looses or success. You love is unconditional him/her.
19.    If your kid fails in any field of life then rebuild confidence & encourage him/her once again. Don’t show angry behavior.
20.    If a little bit Scolding is required then don’t hesitate to scolding kids because some kids learn lessons from scolding.
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21.    Check school influence on your kids. Whether it is bringing positive change in him/her or making him/her stubborn?
22.    Call your children by name. Name is your kid’s identity.
23.    Don’t set high goals for kid because when they fail to achieve these then they become disappointed so make sure that they set small goals that they can achieve successfully.
24.    Empathy him or her when he/she compare himself or herself with his/her friend.  Tell him/her that if his /her friend is good in painting but you are not because you are good in football but your friend is not.
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25.    Encourage physical activities for kids. 

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Hopefully, these will help a lot parents in order to build confidence in kids. Building confidence in kids is not only about bringing change in kids but it is also about bringing change in you because parents are first from where kids starts to learn.


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