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How to be a Responsible Son Regarding Parents

what are the responsibilities of a son to his parents (2)

There are many responsibilities of a son to his parents as the parents take pains of all the hardships of growing up their son. Even we cannot pay off our mother to bearing the pain of giving us birth and the sacrifice of sleeps to give us comfort and sound sleep. There is no substitute of a father who could take care of financial, emotional and physical support to children. Keeping in mind the all services and sacrifices, a son must try to understand the value of his parents because daughters are guests to home as they go to another house of their husband but for sons, it becomes crucial to realize their worth and the responsibilities towards parents. The relation of parents and son is reciprocal because till the son gets not reach to the age when he can support himself very well parents must consider their duties to bring up well.
When we talk about the son responsibilities it starts from very early age so that it could make up the mind of son to understand his obligation. Because in this fast world no one has time to sit for a while and talk about problems and even the routine of the day. If we compare the past time with present then there is a much difference. Due to the rapid use of technology like mobiles, computer and laptop and also the aptitude towards social media, we have no time for parents and even for anyone due to remain busy in mobile.
Well in Islam it has been addressed clearly that parents have rights over children as the children have rights over parents. A son can understand his duties well when parents will make him feel with the good training and also in the positive way from very early age. For this purpose parents must involve the children in small activities of home to make them in touch with home issues. If this habit is developed in sons then they can consider well the duties towards parents.
Well I want to submit some points and also the activities that a son must keep in mind to be responsible in regard of his parents

•    When you are in adulthood make yourself involve in the fruitful activities with parents and tell your problems to parents because they are the best well wisher in your life that can understand you well.

•    When parents want to have a talk with you don’t make them feel you have no interest in listening them as this is the main duty of yours. Sometimes it is seen that son looks busy in mobile most of the time than to listen parents carefully.

•    Due to the age gap there is a difference between thinking and with the different theories there is a fight between son and parents. You should avoid this forcefully and be humble, consider their perspective carefully and make them understand your point of view but in a polite manner.

•    Not only parents have rights upon you in fact your siblings also want attention from you and being a good brother you have to make yourself in touch with their problems and guide them carefully. It will keep your morale high and also the respect in the eyes of siblings as well as parents. If you are good to your parents your parents will make you good example in front of your siblings.

•    Always remain in search of laughs and joyous talks with them because young sons most of the time like to be social with friends and isolate him with parents that is not a good habit. So it’s your duty to reduce this distance and have free talk with both mother and father.

•    Be a polite son instead of angry because in a certain age your parents want to have free time with you but if you always be in attitude they make themselves bound and don’t present their feelings freely.

•    Always say ‘Thank you’ so that they could feel proud of you and blessed all the time. It will keep the level of satisfaction high in them.

•    Never ever try to complain about your life in front of them, this creates the shame feelings in them and even the grief because there are no parents who do not fulfill the needs of children and even try to give you facilities more than they have.

•    Celebrate the small happiness with your parents, remember the anniversary date of parents to make them feel important and surprise. Even father day and mother day is also the best days to wish them and feel them the most important persons for you in the life.

•    In many societies this is the most important problem faced by parents and also son, the relation of son after marriage. Although wife wants attention from you but it doesn’t mean to ignore or forget the responsibilities of father and mother. Balance up both relations and spend your time with both. Listen argues of wife and parents wisely and tackle all the problems in a way there could not be injustice with anyone.

•    Last but not the least say them ‘I love you’ once in a day and tell about their good part or presence in your life.

what are the responsibilities of a son to his parents (1) what are the responsibilities of a son to his parents (2)

what are the responsibilities of a son to his parents (4)

what are the responsibilities of a son to his parents (6) what are the responsibilities of a son to his parents (7) what are the responsibilities of a son to his parents


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