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10 Common Relationship Mistakes That Could End Your Marriage


Marriage is a delicate relationship that requires dedication, love, trust and sense of responsibility in order to become strong and beautiful, but it can become weak and break easily when there is no trust, faith, love and support for each other.


See the following mistakes that can badly affect you marriage.

1.    Keeping secrets

Your spouse is someone with whom you should share secrets with, keeping secrets can be counted as deceiving in some situations, and that can end your marriage.

2.    Unfaithfulness

Loyalty is necessary in a marriage, loyalty keep the tow souls bind together and make relationships everlasting, while unfaithfulness breaks the bond of marriage. Cheating on your spouse, telling others about his/her secrets and revealing you’re very personal matters these all shows unfaithfulness and it is too deceitful for a relationship like marriage.

3.    Not supporting each others

Having different goals doesn’t affect the marriage but not supporting each other and discouragement can affect the relationship. This is a one of the top reasons of divorces. A married couple is meant to live together while supporting each other helping each other, if not one should at least encourage and hope the best for his/her partner. While some people give more importance to their own goals and make things hard for the other person to work, that can break a relationship.

4.    Trying to take control

No one wants be controlled, not even a small kid. Everyone wants and need a little space and freedom to think and do what they want to and there is nothing wrong with it. But when one person become or try to become too dominant and try take control other’s life that make things difficult to work, it puts the pressure on the person being dominated and then the relationship becomes weak.

5.    Absence of trust


“The best proof of love is trust.”
No marriage and relationship can work without TRUST. Absence of trust leads to doubts and misunderstandings that destroy a marriage. Having blind trust doesn’t make you blind but it shows your love for the other person, but if you don’t trust your spouse that can deeply hurt him/her and shows that they have no importance and worth in your life. Having no trust in relationship is like having a car without fuel, you can sit in it, but you won’t get anywhere.

6.    Negative assumptions

In a situation where you don’t know the truth but you tend to have the negative assumptions and thoughts about your spouse being wrong, this shows lack of trust and creates misunderstandings leading to divorce.

7.    Unreal expectations

Expecting something which is not going to happen any way is called Unreal or irrational expectations. These kind of expectations leads to disappointment , and fights thereafter the relationship becomes weak.

8.    Absence of Respect

Not having respect for each other is worse than having no love in marriage. If a partner doesn’t give respect he deserve nothing, one person’s self-respect and dignity is of high value and no one should allow anyone to bring it down. In marriages life when people start to badmouth, call names, talk harshly about each other’s family or show any kind of disrespect, that’s just quickly kill the marriage.

9.    Not resolving issues quick

If the small and big issues are not resolved sooner and quicker they pile up and affect the relationship too adversely.

10.    Less Communication

Lack of communication makes an invisible wall become people, they fail to see each other’s problems, and they have become stranger, while a marriage require close bonding, affection, compassion and a lot of concern for each other.


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