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Complete Guideline on How to Take Care Pets

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How I can Take Care of My Pet?

how to take care pets


Are you concerned about your pet? Of course you will say “yes” because you fill the food bowl of your pet regularly, you take your pet with yourself when you go on a long walk & of course you take a pet to the Veterinary physician when your pet feel illness. Do you think it’s enough? I mean do you ever tried to think that these three steps of taking care a pet are enough? Well, it’s a no from my side because if you really take care of your pet then you still need to do a lot of things for the pets. The people who have pets in their homes & the people who still have no pet but they are thinking to buy a pet soon then both kinds of people must learn how to take care a darling pet. Furthermore, some points that must be kept into the mind before buying a pet are;

•    Firstly, search on internet what type of pet is best for you. Keep your age factor into the mind. For kids little fishes, little dogs, cats etc are perfect while for young people young dogs, naughty cats, etc are perfect.
•    What breed do you prefer or like the most? Its cats or dogs, fishes or birds? Determine & take a wise decision.
•    Is there enough space in your home for the type of pet that you are going to buy?
•    For energetic lifestyle dogs are best pet. For those people who never like so much communication with pets but they only like to watch pets then they can go with fishes or snake because these pets never required human interaction while cats & dogs seeks for human attention. If proper attention not given to these pets then they can become mentally disturbed.
•    Keep your economic condition into the mind before buying a pet, I mean whether you can afford the expenses of a pet (such as food expenses, illness expenses, home expenses etc) or not? Fishes costs less while dogs & cats expenses can be higher depends on their size & breed.
•    Keep in mind that every pet has different needs. So, try to fulfill their basic needs.

Now doubt that pets are great companion of human beings. People love to buy pets but I think along with buying they should also learn how to take care of them. Now let me tell in detail how you can take care of your pet.

•    Shelter/Home:

When you bring a pet in home then there is a great need to provide a separate shelter to the pet such as you can buy dog or cat houses from the market, you can make pet’s home with your own hands by using wooden plaques. Make sure that the home has a door & window so that natural air & light can go into the home. For fish an aquarium is needed. For rabbits or snakes an underground space can become a best shelter.  Make sure you clean the pet home, cages or underground space regularly so that it never smells bad.

•    Food:

Take care about the food of your pet. Make sure you feed your pet at least two times in a day. Small pets need to be fed three to four times in a day. Give proper nutritional based food. Try to clean bowls regularly. Natural foods are preferable over artificial because natural is always healthy. The foods which are beneficial for human beings but at the same time these are harmful for pets so give food to your pets carefully (such as we can eat chocolate but these are harmful for dogs & cats). Try to research on internet which food is best for your pet & which is harmful. Try to provide water to pets because like human beings almost every pet needs water.

•    Physical Grooming:

The physical grooming of pets that include hairs & nails trimming, hair brushing, bathing etc is also very necessary. Try to buy separate bath tubs, soaps, shampoos, towels etc for your pet. Always use soft brush for tangling fur. If you feel hesitation in physical grooming then you can take your pet to the professional groomer. Brushing teeth is also necessary.

•    Mental Grooming:

Only physical grooming is not enough because pets are just like human beings but the only difference is that they cannot think like us but they need human affection, & attention. So, talk with your pet in an affectionate way & allow pets such as cats or dogs to roam here & there. Try to make your pets to follow your instruction, your pets must be obedient, try to buy toys for pets because they like to play with toys (special pet toys are available into the market so you can buy these), good behavior with pets can groom their personality. Treat your pet like a member of your family.  When your pet such as dog behaves good then give a reward then this reward game will reinforcement the learning process. Give respect to pets. Don’t give unnecessary punishments because these punishments can raise aggression in pets.

•    Exercise:

Some pet requires exercise such as cats & dogs are at the top of list of such pets.  Exercise always helps to extract the aggression & destructive behaviors of pets. When they exercise then in actual they are consuming their energy. You can take your pet on the long walk, jogging, running is also a best exercise, throw ball & order your pet to bring the ball back (fly ball exercise)& similarly you can search lots of exercises for pets. Jumping is also a best option. With the help of exercises you can help your dog to learn obedience commands such sit down on knees when you say your pet to sit down, to shake hand with other on your order, don’t shout or stop shouting etc.

•    Socializing:

As we know that we cannot survive in the society without socializing similarly for pet socializing is also necessary. Try to spend time with your pet, try to introduce your pets with your friends, guests & neighbors so that pet can become frank with them & never start to shout loud when they saw your friends or neighbors. Try to socialize pets with other animals as well.

•    Separate Bathroom or Toilet for Cats or Dogs:

Make a separate potty place I mean bathroom for pets like cats or dogs where they can go whenever they feel a need of it. Making a separate bathroom is not enough but you also need to train your pet to go in this place when they need. Separate bathroom for pets is also helpful for reducing the risk of human diseases that can cause due to pet germs. Usually pets feel a need for bathroom when they wake, when they go on bed, after eating too much food or drinking lots of water etc.

•    Monthly Medical Check-up/Check for Illness:

Like human beings, pet can also be ill due to different reasons. Sometimes special types of viruses can attack on pets & they become ill. Sometimes insufficient food or wrong food or inadequate shelter, seasonal changes etc can cause their illness. Monthly check up from a Veterinary physician (a doctor who treats animals) can help to diagnose the right disease at the right time. Try to follow schedule injection & pets’ exclusive vaccinations. Try to check the symptoms of sickness or illness because when pets are ill then they act unusually different from normal routine such as taking less food as compared from normal routine, vomiting, breathing problems, sudden loss or gain of weight etc.

•    Registration of Pets/Special Chip:

Special institute that are established for pets provides registration facility for pets & provides a special chip that is inserted into the pet (usually under the skin). This chip consists on all info about the breed of pet & owner details of pet etc. So, when your pet lost then this chip can help you to recognize.  If you love your pet a lot & never want to loss then think about the insertion of this chip.

•    Pet Accessories:

Try to buy some ornamental pet accessories such as belts, lucky charms, leashes, bow ties, comfortable pillows etc. The selection of accessories depends on what type of pet do you have?

•    Important Points:

Make sure that before bringing a pet in home, you home should be secure. For example if there will be holes within home that filled with water because when your cat or dog roaming in home then it can fall in the hole & can cause injury. So, fill such holes if you buying a cat or dog or rabbit. Birds usually never required this caution because you usually keep birds in cages. Similarly, keep the poisons item on high places so that cats or dogs cannot come close to these. Don’t allow your pet to stroll here & there without you. Make sure that naked electricity wires will never be near to floor. Don’t spray insect killers near your pet shelter. Make fence around garden, close the doors & repair broken windows so that your pet cannot cross the boundary of your home.

Hopefully, these all points will help you a lot.


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