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Quick Way of Killing Ants with Cornstarch

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When summer is around you are expecting insects bothering and marching away the house or outside. These wandering killers appear to bite you out and can harm your child. You just need a remedy to get rid of the trails walking in search of the prey. Well one easy way to kill the ants quickly is cornstarch, yes it is cornstarch. When I was searching I wonder if it works but after experiencing I realized it really works. In a recent research it had come to know that it is the best herbicide. Cornstarch is a heavy treat for ant as they get it to their home where all the ants enjoy this meal but after some time this starch cannot digest to their stomach and is bloated as a result all the ants died.
Monitor the path where ants pass, sprinkle over some cornstarch there but after doing this work you must wait with patience. This process takes almost 24 hours to see if the ants have been killed. Sometimes 2-3 days are spent to get rid of the ants. One more method is only an addition of cucumber pieces place right on the space where ants are expected to pass away. But this must place at night. Next morning sprinkle cornstarch and get busy in doing your works for one day. I am sure the next day will be your to look at the died ants. Have a good day.

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