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Ways To Make Your Eyebrow Thicker With Makeup


It is said that  eyes can tell your all personality  and the eyebrows are the  covering things for your eyes it give you a  new look without eyebrows the beauty of your eyes is  nothing you can say that eyes is your picture and the frame of that picture is  your eyes but you should keep it maintain because due to the neatness of your eyebrows  your whole face look fresh and   beautiful .the eyebrows which is made by the God is different from one another  some have light  and some dark ,some  has straight and some has curvy  shape sop you should give your eyebrows a good shape  and make your eyebrows thick with the  makeup  if you want to give your eyebrows a good shape then use  the makeup items and make your eyebrows thick according to the fashion.

•    First of all if you want to give it a new shape then use the brow pencil and put it on your corner of eyes till the nostrils keep the pencil in the vertical way and make the shape with the pencil where the pencil is end.

•    Use the pencil on the inner  part of your eyes  till the outer part of  your eyes  where the eyebrows  start  use the much pencil and in the corner give it fully black  color shade and  when you are using the pencil then  fill your eyebrow tactfully because it can seems you ridiculous.

•    Give the arch shape of your eyes means  put the brow pencil  on the nostrils ends and the end of your  eye  corner  now make an arch on your eyebrows and  never do this arch too much darker  because it can give you unnatural look  now  the step of neating and shaping is finished now its time e to  make it thickly and  shapely  based so stay with us and see.

•    First of all  wash your face well with a good face wash that will keep your face fresh  and the  sweat free for a long time  keep in your mind your face should be moisturize well  now comb on your eyebrows  with the brow comb and the  empty mascara wand  to straight your  eyebrows is most important thing if you want to make your eyebrows  fresh and  natural.

•    On the eyebrows you can use anything whether it is eye shadow, powder, brow gel  and pencil  the combination of  pencil and eye shadow is nice  it give you an awesome look  to your eyes .

•    Now I am going to use pencil and eye shadows because pencil  make your  work effortless and the  eye shadow give the shiny and the polished  look to your  eyebrows that look natural and  thicker.

•    Try to make your brows according to natural because if you try to make it against your natural brows you look like clown  and the strange look you find use such pencils which is  according to your hair color never go with dark  chocolate brown color is good  than the pure black .

•    Start to fill your brows from the inner corner of your eyes and make a thicker layer of pencil use on it then slowly slowly use the pencil on the outer corner of your eyes brunette and the blonde color is normally used for the dark hair color.

•    Now when we are going to giving the final touch to your brows we are using the eye shadow I tell you already you can use the gel also the matte color is always remain good for finishing your brows use the angled and the smudged brush for applying the shades on your  brows always go light eye shadow because dark can give you unnatural look

•    Now we are moving toward the final touch then you should use the primer and the concealer on the upper and lower bones of your brows for the finishing and urge the beauty of your face bones now your brows are ready for makeup it is not much difficult if you try it at home   then you can easily get a perfect thick eye brows.

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